Moving home furniture without scratching floors

Moving home furniture without scratching floors

Whether the floors are made of wood, ceramics, tiles, or even carpeted, they are constantly exposed to deformation, damage, and scratching as a result of dragging furniture on them.

Because if you want to move from one house to another and you will carry out the task of transporting the luggage on your own and with the help of your friends and relatives, of course you will not have the equipment and tools that are able to move the luggage inside the house or villa and the easiest for you would be to pull heavy furniture on the floors instead of carrying them and bear their heavy weight and the floors will be subject to scratching and severe damage of course .

Not to mention the exposure of other things such as walls, for example, from the accidental collision of furniture with them, and in this article we will mention you 5 ways to move furniture without scratching the floors from pulling and pulling heavy furniture on them, so follow us.

First: Ask for help from people

Light things like moving chairs, light tables, and kitchen utensils enable you to carry them on your own easily, but there are other things that you cannot carry on your own, such as heavy furniture and heavy equipment such as a washing machine, fridge, stove, cupboard, and large tables.

All of these things require the assistance of another person or more, and if the other person is present, you can carry them together, thereby avoiding contact with floors, causing scratches, and damage. If you cannot find help from friends or relatives, you can request a furniture transport company to help you move your furniture without any damage and at the cheapest prices.

If the budget does not allow contracting with a furniture moving company, you can search for professionals to help carry the furniture a little, and the bottom line is that there must be help in order to avoid scratching the floors.

Second: dismantling the furniture

Whenever you dismantle huge furniture, such as the closet, bed, and bed, and remove the mattress and pillows, the burden and the load are lighter, and the friction is non-flooring, so make sure to disassemble each piece of furniture and do not try to move the furniture as it is in its normal size. .

Third: Using towels, blankets or cartons

If you had to drag the furniture and looked for help but it was not available, you can drag the furniture onto the floors after wrapping it from the bottom with blankets, cardboard paper or towels and towels, then all these things can protect your floors from scratching while dragging the heavy furniture on them.

Fourth: renting, borrowing, or buying furniture and carrying tools

There are tools used to carry heavy furniture and drag it onto the floors without any damage, such as plastic sleds that are placed under the legs and corners of furniture or a furniture transport cart that is made of iron and pulled on the wheel and put heavy furniture or heavy equipment on it and even drag out of the door of the house before starting to get them down from Drawers.

These tools will make you transport your luggage quite easily without scratching or scraping your floors and can borrow them from someone you know, rent them from a furniture moving company, or even buy them.

Fifth: Be careful when moving the furniture

Careful when moving furniture makes the damage very little unlike if there was an acceleration when moving and pulling the furniture and beware that you do not harm yourself when lifting heavy furniture and follow the correct and proper lifting methods that hurt the back of your back, your arms and legs, and make sure to bend your knees when carrying a heavy object and lift it with the help of your legs and carry On your arms and shoulders, and heavy object close to your body during pregnancy.

In the end, do not forget to follow these important tips in order to ensure the safety of your floors from scratching, damage and bad looking and also to ensure your safety from the harm that might be caused by lifting heavy furniture in a wrong way.

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