Necessity of The Internet

Necessity of The Internet

It is a source of shared knowledge and information resources on a global level. It is also the communication route that enables cooperation and coordination amongst many communities and interest groups located all over the world on specific concerns.

What is the impact of the “Internet” connectivity network on traditional business practices?

The advantages of internet are transforming the way we interact, removing the need for fax and phone calls.

Although its reputation has deteriorated over time due to the arrival of unlawful uses and threats of new technology, the internet has become a vital instrument in people’s lives. Despite this, there are numerous advantages.

Advantages of the Internet:


It is information that is available on the internet. Wikipedia, among many other ways to document ourselves, has over 1.5 million articles, which saves us from having to go to the physical volumes of old encyclopedias that used to be around the house, with the added benefit of being able to access all kinds of information instantly and that is always up to date, with the push of a button. URLs are used to help you find the information you need on the internet. You must type the address of any page or website into the browser bar to view it directly. URL full form in computer is Uniform Resource Locator. It’s the unique and exact address of every page or resource on the internet, from the top page of the news website you visit every morning to the GIF you’re going to include in your next text. Because browsers would otherwise be unable to access the information requested by the user, each page, or resource, is linked to a URL. If you type what do you mean by wysiwyg, the internet will immediately provide you with all information like its full form, meaning, and its use. Behind the acronym, WYSIWYG is the expression “What you see is what you get.”

What you see on your screen as your input in a computer interface in the editor will show in the final output. This system is the most prevalent for most users, as it underpins many of the programs we use regularly. The popular word processing tool Word, for example, is a WYSIWYG editor.


Learning can also be done through gaming on the internet. There are many apps available for children to learn new things while having fun. For example, google word coach is very effective tool to enhance vocabulary.


Any file can be saved on a web page, platform, or electronic device, such as a tablet, thanks to the digitalization of documents. This means we don’t have to lug along heavy books with hundreds of pages and an average weight of 500 grams, which can now be left at home.


It also helps us to learn on our own. According to a Google survey, the demand for these types of informative films and tutorials increases by 70% every year. As a result, an increasing number of people are learning to play the guitar or fry an egg using the internet as their sole teacher.


The internet’s most significant benefit is communication, such as through smartphones. It is possible to contact another individual regardless of the location, time, or hour. As a result, parents can always reach their children, but it also allows us to communicate with everyone globally, whether through social media, video calls, or email.


It also boosts creativity. New technologies provide a wide range of instruments that, when used appropriately, can significantly aid in the development of children’s creativity and imagination. 3D printers explicitly intended for minors to design and print their toys are an example of this.

Donald Phillips