Stay Safe This Christmas With eSafes’ Range of Home Safes

Stay Safe This Christmas With eSafes’ Range of Home Safes

Christmas is a time when most homeowners see their property as a cosy, safe haven away from the cold.

However, for many people, December is also a time for socialising and celebrating. As a result, properties are often left empty until late into the night as residents head out to visit family or attend events.

The sun sets early at this time of year too, so the ample cover of darkness combined with numerous houses left empty means that winter is peak time for break-ins and burglaries. There’s often lots to be stolen too, with Christmas presents stowed away ready for the big day.

In order to keep your belongings safe, it’s a very good idea to consider increasing your home security – at least throughout the festive season.

eSafes stocks a range of high quality safes and security boxes that can keep valuables protected at all times. Here are some of the options you could choose:

Simple But Secure

If your collection of valuables is small in size – or you just need somewhere to store cash or jewellery – you might wish to opt for a compact box that can be placed anywhere in the home.

We recommend the Master Lock Security X125 – it features a handy electronic keypad and a shelf to keep everything organised inside.

Best For Tech Lovers

It’s definitely worth keeping devices such as cameras and laptops safe and out of sight when you’re not at home.

The Rottner Prestige Laptop Safe is the perfect size for a typical laptop. It is accessed using an electronic keypad and can easily be secured in place – with fittings on the back and base.

Protect Your Cash

If you’re planning on storing a larger amount of cash in your home, it’s vital that you invest in proper security. The Phoenix Mercury Safe HS2052E is perfect for this.

It’s cash rated to £17,500 (or £175,000 for valuables) – plus, it’s AiS approved. It’s also fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes.

Out of Sight

You might prefer to keep your safe completely disguised from view as an extra security measure. Why not select an underfloor option so that only you know where your valuables can be found?

The Dudley Floorboard Size 2 Safe is perfect for this. It can be installed between joists, flush with your floor, then covered with a carpet or item of furniture, making it undetectable.

The design is attractive and simple, with a key lock for access. It’s also cash rated to £1,000 (or £10,000 for valuables).

These are just a few of the options available from eSafes – so, for peace of mind and extra security while you enjoy the holiday season, why not browse our full selection of home safes today?

For further information about our products, contact our knowledgeable team today on 0800 783 2328 or email and we’ll be very happy to assist you.

Donald Phillips