The Importance of Cloud Migration 

The Importance of Cloud Migration 

Cloud migration is the process of migrating a company’s digital assets and services, databases, IT resources, applications, and other information to the cloud. 

Continue reading to learn about the key benefits of migration and why it is necessary to hire a technology provider to do your managed IT services. 

Optimized Costs

You can save significant money on maintenance, resource, and real estate expenses. You can also optimize your workloads to make them more cost-effective.

Flexibility and scalability

Companies pay only for the cloud resources they use. They don’t have to spend money on IT assets they might only use occasionally. Organizations can instantly alter their resources if there is a spike in demand or if they have more computing power. Many organizations use a hybrid cloud model to maximize the value of their IT investments. They migrate some workloads to the cloud and keep others on-premises. Hybrid clouds can also be beneficial for industry compliance.

Cloud platforms are generally global, so organizations can increase their performance by having workloads run closer to their customers or users.

Enhanced security

Many public clouds offer security features used to protect an organization’s resources. In many cases, security patching is performed automatically by the cloud provider.


Some cloud platforms offer specialized services that seamlessly meet compliance requirements. It is common for highly-regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and government etc.

Backup, recovery, failover

Cloud providers can help improve business continuity through one-click backups and recovery. Some cloud providers offer the option to store backups in different geographical regions.

Simpler management and monitoring

Organizations can manage their cloud resources and on-premises data centers from one screen if the cloud provider provides a central management tool.

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