The incident that shook up the security business

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Do you remember the fire incident at Grand pier at Weston super mare? Well if you had forgotten then here is what happened- the Grand Pier is a pleasure pier on the banks in Bristol. The pier was a popular tourist and local destination, but it caught fire on two occasions once in 1930 and 2008. The recent fire break out in 2008 was due to negligence by the security providing company itself and thus was fined a lump of money as well for their negligence. It is amongst the most tragic accidents in the Bristol and its adjacent areas, but still, the negligence of the security company cannot be overlooked in any manner.

Competency of your security company

The role of a security company is not merely providing security guards or CCTV cameras, but their actual work is to provide overall security from outside as well as inside risks from your enemies itself. If you or your business is in the Weston super mare and you are looking for security guards Weston super mare itself, then you need not look anymore. Bristol Security Guards are providing a wide range of security services in Weston super mare as well as the adjacent areas of Bristol itself. They provide their customers with site-specific security arrangements and security guards who are specially trained and approved by SIA. But before you hire Bristol Security Guards, you must see if your present security company is competent enough if not only then go ahead in hiring them.

How to know if your present security company is competent?

To know if your current security is enough to guard you and your property, you simply have to look closely in their day to day works and arrangements like for example–

  1. Check your guards- First start by checking the background and affiliation of your security guards like whether or not SIA affiliates them. Observe closely when they come and leave your property premises and how much fit and strong they are in case of any crime event and trespassing etc.
  2. Check your alarm system– Once you check your guards, it is time to check your alarm system whether they are working or not and whether they are available 24/7 or not. And also observe the response time of the guards once the alarms go off.
  3. Check your camera placements- Look into whether or not the CCTV cameras are working 24/7 and whether or not they cover your whole property premises itself.

And if your security company fails in any of the criteria above then it is time for you to hire security guard services Weston super mare from Bristol’s finest security agency the Bristol Security Guards.

Donald Phillips