Ways to create a logo

Ways to create a logo

Every event, sports team, small and large company has a logo. This is a small picture that represents the field of activity. The logo is designed to inform a person, highlight the business and advertise it among the rest. The success of a business depends on the logo for a large percentage. You should spend time and effort to create a high-quality and unique product. Let’s consider this topic in more detail.

What is a logo

In a simplified form, a logo is a picture with or without any text. The picture includes background, symbol. The color scheme of the background should psychologically represent the scope of the company. For example, red is energy and youth, yellow is creativity and optimism in everything, green is peaceful and friendly, purple is luxurious and rich, black is steadfast and reliable, white is pure and inert. Red is suitable for sporting goods stores, yellow for advertising agencies, black for ritual agencies. The symbol should represent the scope of the company, geometric shapes (square, oval, circle, triangle), outlines of animals and cultural attractions can be used. The text should include the name of the company, slogan. Some companies do not include text in the logo layer. Small businesses should not do this, only the largest and most famous companies can afford this. A good logo must meet the following rules:

– simplicity, no more than 5 elements in the form of symbols and colors, in which case the brain will quickly remember it;

– informative, a person must understand the scope of the company;

– brightness, today’s world is very saturated with various information, it is necessary to attract the eye of a person, this can only be done with saturated colors.

An example of a good logo is McDonald`s. The yellow letter M on a red background is a great eye-catcher. The slogan perfectly informs about the field of activity.

How to create a logo

It is best to create a logo with a team, only in this case it is possible to obtain relevant information regarding the attractiveness of the product. People for brainstorming should be of different genders, ages, education levels, income levels. This is necessary to obtain as many sections of society as possible. It is necessary to research competitors’ products, take the best and most original solutions. Do not copy, you need a unique product. The classic algorithm is the following:

  1. Finding the optimal background color in accordance with psychological perception;
  2. Definition of the symbol in accordance with the field of activity of the company;
  3. Designation of the color scheme of the symbol in accordance with psychological perception;
  4. Designation of text, it is best to simply include the name of the company;
  5. Deciding on the font, marketing agencies recommend using classic names, in which case a person does not have to make much effort to read the text;
  6. Creation of 3-5 sample logos, make the best use of digital tools, there are a huge number of resources on the network that offer to draw a logo for free, with their help you can quickly change the background, symbol, text and font;
  7. Conducting a sociological study regarding the attractiveness of the product, this can be done through a survey on the street or creating a survey on the network, you should get answers to the questions – “Do you like the logo, do you understand what the company is doing, do you like the color scheme?”;
  8. Choosing the most optimal option in accordance with the opinion of society;
  9. Checking the scaling of the logo, it should look equally beautiful on an advertising stand on a city street, on souvenirs;
  10. Making edits if necessary.


Every business needs a logo. A picture with text should attract attention, inform a person about the scope of the company, it should be memorable. A good logo should be simple and bright. Creating a logo is best done by a team, it greatly speeds up the process and allows you to get a truly unique product.

Donald Phillips