What Is the Right Time To Clean Your Precious Chandeliers To Keep It Dazzling?

What Is the Right Time To Clean Your Precious Chandeliers To Keep It Dazzling?

Your chandeliers are the decorative ornaments of your home that keep every corner glittered. The bright glowing chandeliers have the artistic and scenic perception of your home. However, chandeliers also require maintenance regularly to retain their brightness. After a few days, chandeliers are exposed to dust and moisture, which builds grime over it. This decreases their attractiveness and illuminating power.

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Monthly cleaning requirements

Some of your chandeliers require cleaning or dusting at least once a month.

  1. Kitchen – Your kitchen chandeliers are exposed to moisture, oil, and dust more than in any other room. They need dusting and chemical spraying at least twice a month.
  2. Bathroom – Bathroom chandeliers get grime due to moisture and dust. They need regular dusting with a soft cotton cloth to absorb moisture.

Over time, the layer of dust, moisture, oil, cobwebs, and other airborne particles create tough grimes. This reduces the brightness of chandeliers. Such grimes are also hard to remove by hard scrubbing or professional cleaning. Hard cleaning of delicate chandeliers may either create scratch marks on crystals or break them apart. Also, it is better to do do-it-yourself regularly than to spend unnecessarily on some professional cleaners.

Yearly maintenance & thorough cleaning requirements

Keep an eye on your crystal and other chandeliers when they start losing their shine and allure. A slight dimness in illumination means your chandeliers need cleaning and maintenance services. This requires hiring expert lighting professionals. They will clean out the internal components and every corner of the frame.

Professional cleaners can also test that there is no faulty wiring and dying light bulbs. They will ensure that everything is working properly. This helps you from paying heavy electric bills and any expensive repairs at a later stage.

Do-It-Yourself – How to clean your chandeliers?

You can buy chandeliers cleaning kit for your do-it-yourself task. There are two cleaning methods – with and without taking chandeliers down from the ceiling. In case you can easily take the chandeliers down, you can remove the crystals or glass out of the fittings for thorough cleaning process. Taking he chandeliers down will be a risky task.

Here are a few steps for your do-it-yourself cleaning work –

  1. Requirements – Take glass cleaning chemical, ladder, soft duster, and gloves.
  2. Disconnect all electrical connections of the chandeliers.
  3. Lay the ladder under the chandeliers.
  4. Wear gloves and spray the cleaning chemical thoroughly over it.
  5. Allow the crystal grimes to soak in the chemical for some time.
  6. Spray the chemical again and dip a soft cloth in cleaning chemical.
  7. Gently rub the crystals with the wet cloth followed by a dry soft cloth.

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