What You Should Know About Mitsubishi PHEV Baltimore

Are you an automobile enthusiast? Have you heard about the new Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid variant (PHEV)? The Mitsubishi Outlander car model was initially known as the Mitsubishi Aitrek. The Mitsubishi PHEV Baltimore model was r unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2012.

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Engine Performance

The Mitsubishi PHEV has a 4-cylinder 2.0L MIVEC gasoline-powered engine. Also, it has an electric powertrain that is from the Mitsubishi i-MiEV’s electrical systems. There are two 60Kw power charged motors that power the rear and front wheels. Besides, you can use the gasoline engine to power the motors or the vehicle directly. The front motor is light and small. It has a high output. Moreover, it is on the engine’s left side.

Battery Pack

The Mitsubishi PHEV Baltimore has a distinct 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It can deliver a 52.3km electric range as per the New European Driving Cycle. Under the Japanese JC08 Test, the engine has a 60km electric range and a 120km/h top speed.

The car’s battery pack is in water and dust-proof casing that is below the passenger compartment and between the two axles. Also, it comprises of 80 cells in a series setup. The firm’s target was to have a combines Europe and Japan fuel economy. Japan’s hybrid fuel economy mode is 5.3L/100km.

Charging Sockets

The new Mitsubishi PHEV has two charging sockets; quick and regular charging CHAdeMO. When you are at home, you can opt to charge the car using a typical 3-pin plug socket or an EV charging point. Also, it has a 16 feet charging cable that aids in connecting to a conventional standard plug socket. It takes about 3.5 hours to load it fully.

Driving modes

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has three driving modes;

  • ECO Mode: The automobile minimizes electricity and fuel consumption hence increasing its efficiency.
  • Battery save Mode: The car conserves energy in the drive battery pack by running in hybrid mode. Battery Save Mode only operates once the pack’s energy level is below 90%.
  • Battery Charge Mode: It can activate either when the vehicle is stationary or when in motion. The engine generates power that recharges the battery pack. It forces the automobile to switch to the series hybrid mode.

The plug-in hybrid variant Mitsubishi model has a screen displaying the range and driving mode, a charging cord and port. By late 2013, the Mitsubishi PHEV’s sales had begun.A lso, its engine displacement is maintained to less than 2.5 liters. Contact Jerry’s Mitsubishi to get a new Mitsubishi PHEV Baltimore vehicle.