Types Of Containers And Sizes

Types Of Containers And Sizes

Containers are one of the most important units in the shipping business, transport, and trade. A container can be defined as a structure that may store different types of merchandises that require to be transported from one place to another in any part of the world by Shipping Container are used to protect its contents during the lengthy journeys. It also assures they manage to reach their destination as a whole.

For that reason containers are designed, subject to the kind of merchandises needed to be dispatched.  Also if there any special services requirements from them when on transit. Container differs in structure, materials dimension, construction and many more. Several categories of containers are actually used nowadays. They should meet all the requirements needed in shipping industry.

Various Common kinds of containers used shipping today are,

Dry van container

These are most commonly used containers used to carry general merchandise. They are of different sizes that are in consistent with ISO. They are mostly used in distribution of dry products; they are of different   in sizes common one been of 20ft, 40 ft. and 10ft.

Flat rack container

They have collapsible structure. They are like simple shipping containers   used for storage .The sides are folded making a flat rack hence can ship so many good at once

Car carriers

These are containers used as Car carriers’ storage units. They are made particularly for distribution of   cars over very long distances. They have collapsible structures that support a car to fit tightly inside, without the danger of it being spoiled while it is moving from its destination.

Open side storage

These containers are storage structures with doors that can be altered totally and open the sides hence provide ample room for loading and off-loading materials.

Open top container

They have a changeable top which can be totally be detached thus makes an open area therefore that supplies of various heights can be easily shipped.

Insulated or thermal containers

These are the shipping containers that have a regulated temperature control system installed, letting them to sustain a higher temperature. This is done is so to allow them have a long life without any damage when exposed to high temperatures. They are best situated for very long distance shipping of specific products

Refrigerated ISO containers

They have their temperatures controlled; they have carefully controlled and precise low temperatures. They are entirely used for distribution of perishable stuffs like vegetables fruits and over long distances.


They are Containers units that are used for shipping of liquid supplies. They continue to be used by a large part in the entire industry. They are made of strong steel with anti-corrosive material that provides protection to the materials and long life. Others are tunnel containers, half height containers drums containers

Sizes of Shipping Container

Standard shipping containers are 8ft wide, 8.5ft high and they mostly come into two lengths 40ft and 20ft. There are also extra tall containers also called high cube containers. They are 9.5ft or 2.89m high. Smaller containers with 10ft and 8ft   also exist but can’t be dispatched like 40ft and 20ft containers.

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