3 Faster ways to earn play chips on reputable online sites

3 Faster ways to earn play chips on reputable online sites

With the advancement in technology, people are able to gamble right from the comfort of their home. Poker is arguably the most popular game in casinos. With a little practice and use of right strategies, you can win the jackpot prize quite easily. There are a few sites where you can play poker without risking money. You need to buy chips to play poker game. 

However, not all players would like to play poker with real cash. There are a few players who would like to bet with fake money. This option is given by 918kiss Malaysia. If you are on a losing streak, you can earn chips in different ways. 

Here are some of the things you must do to earn play chips on a reliable online casino site like 918kiss

Download the test software

If you would like to earn play chips and earn easily, you need to download the software. Every professional poker player knows this so well and if you’ve not, then continue reading. The chips that you win on the test environment can be moved into your actual poker account. The beauty he is that, when you transfer the chips, you would be getting double the chips you have transferred to your bankroll account.

Buy online with cash                              

You need to spend some money from your pockets to earn play chips on poker stars. As soon as you pay the amount, the poker chips get added into your account immediately. You can use these chips to continue trying your luck. It will be great if you read some articles from a reliable casino site like 918kiss Malaysia on how to play the poker game before playing one as it will help you follow the best strategy to win. 

Free chips are given for every few hours

 The subscription version of 918kiss will provide you with free chips for every few hours. You need to choose refill play money chips while sitting in the tournament; therefore as soon as your chips reach a certain level, they get refilled in a jiffy. However, if you have not chosen this option while sitting to play the game with real cash, you can still get the chips by clicking on the Add more chips in the chip tray.

The above are a few ways that help you to earn play chips on 918kiss. You can use these chips to continue the poker game and win huge prizes. 

Basically, play money chips are used by the new and intermediate players to get acquainted with the poker rules, tournaments and learn about the cash games in poker. However, these play money chips do not have any financial value. Moreover, you cannot withdraw, sell or convert these chips into real cash. 


Danny White