3 Stunning Blazers for Women

3 Stunning Blazers for Women

Who said only men can wear blazers? Women rock this outerwear just fine. Blazers make a women ten times more stunning. Reserved for cold weather, blazers can also be worn on any evening event. They are not suitable as office attire but are a perfect fit for weddings or many more similar occasions. You can pair them up with t-shirts, dresses or knitwear with denim or flared bottom among various, different options.

Investing in stylish blazers can be a great asset to your wardrobe. They are fashionable staples that come in handy whenever you don’t feel like sprucing up in regular attire. Blazers help you make a strong fashion statement and give you a sophisticated yet trendy look. If we’ve already gotten you convinced then lets us get a bit more further and suggest to you some stunning blazers so you can have an impactful fashion makeover.

1- Solid Color Blazer

It is a simple name for a voguish piece. It is dark green and designed to be worn at formal events. Its unique layout is what sets it apart. The notched lapel neckline with detachable ruffle while being devoid of sleeves is no doubt an eye-catching approach. Moreover, you can also find front faux pockets on both sides and single button closure on the front. The fabric used is polyester and looks best when paired with the same coloured bottoms and a white undershirt. Here’s an extra tip, you can get this blazer and several more at enormously reduced prices if you use Riva voucher code at the checkout.

2- Wrap Effect Blazer

As the name suggests this blazer is adorned with a wrapping effect design. It is trendy and looks utterly gorgeous. Provided with a long-sleeved and an open front, this blazer is a must-have. The self-fabric ties on the front give it a chic edge. The pure white colour of this outerwear is enough to blind your eyes. You can style it with white pants and a white undershirt, the secret ingredient is not adding another colour and the let the white do the talking. The only colour you can wear with it is crimson red lipstick and just like that, you’re ready to slay.

3- Mixed Print Outerwear

This addition is for those who like to spruce up in funky and vibrant clothing. It reflects their lively nature and their love for colours. This blazer is a mixed print, multicoloured apparel. The pattern used here is called Jungle Print and is a combination of animals, birds, leaves and flowers, spread across the bright orange landscape. Furthermore, it is provided with full sleeves and also has a soft inner liner. The front is made to look more attractive with two fabric metallic buttons. It looks best when worn with simple white or black pants but using more vibrant colours for the bottom is not a bad idea either. It will prove to be a bold fashion choice and is going to make you stand out more.