7 Significant Things to Consider While Buying a Perfect Birthday Cake

7 Significant Things to Consider While Buying a Perfect Birthday Cake

They say it apt; “Birthday cake calories don’t count”. Whether you are eighteen or eighty-one, the urge of indulging in a decadent cake on your birthday still brings out the child out of you. It still excites your taste buds and makes you happy whenever you see the calendar and find your birthday is near. You keep on fantasizing about the birthday cake you are going to cut this year and so does everyone, including your loved ones. And, your happiness multiplies and your birthday becomes even worthy of sharing it on your Facebook wall when you receive a perfectly baked mouthwatering cake as a surprise from your loved ones on your birthday. Isn’t it? 

So, if you have someone’s birthday in the cards and you want to amaze the birthday person with an extraordinary and freshly baked birthday cake, you need to keep in mind even the minute details to see the recipient smile.  

Therefore, if you want to make sure you pick the right birthday cake for your loved ones, here are eight important things you should always remember before you buy one:

Fix the Budget

Before you begin your task of buying the perfect birthday cake for your dear ones, the foremost thing you should decide is the budget. Remember, sometimes even a simple cake bought thoughtfully can work wonders for the recipient. So, it’s not necessary if you’ll spend more, the cake will be undeniably good in appearance, delicious in taste, and moist in texture.  

Decide the Theme of the Cake

The theme and design of the cake is the second important thing you need to determine before purchasing the birthday cake. And, there are a few factors that can save your time while deciding the theme of the cake. For example, considering and the recipient’s age and gender are going to make the task easy for you. Most importantly, don’t forget to consider the relationship you share with the recipient before you pick the birthday cake theme. 

Choose a Reliable Bakery

Once you’ve decided your budget and the theme of the birthday cake, the next crucial step would be locating a reliable bakery that can incorporate your ideas and bake a birthday cake exactly the way you want. Choosing a trustworthy and premium bakery will be beneficial if you want a good quality cake and enjoy certain services like birthday cake delivery, free shipping, diverse options etc. However, it needs a little bit of internet browsing to find the best bakery in your nearby area. 

Decide the Quantity of the Cake

The next step is to decide the quantity of the cake for it should satisfy the sweet tooth of every one of the guest list. If you are planning to surprise the recipient personally, you can ask your trusted bakers to bake a half kg birthday cake. In case you are throwing a surprise birthday for a special person in your life and inviting many guests to honour the occasion, you need to be a little alert while deciding the quantity of the cake. 

The Cake Quality Matters!

The quality of the cake is what can either make your surprise memorable or ruin it completely. So, read and analyse the reviews of the bakery you’ll choose to order or buy the birthday cake. The best way to ensure that the quality of the cake is to personally visit the bakery and go for tastings. In case you want to order the cake from an online bakery, make sure to order for yourself one first so that you can be sure of the quality.

Choose the Flavour Wisely

After the quality checking of the cake is wrapped up, decide the flavour. It will be wise if you ask your trusted bakery to infuse the favourite flavour of the recipient. However, if you aren’t well acquainted with the recipient and you want to send the cake as a surprise, take help from the recipient’s friends to gather information so that you end up picking the right flavour. 

Concentrate on the Garnishing

It’s the garnishing of the cake that makes it look tempting and eye-pleasing. So, choose the garnishing carefully. Also, make sure to not garnish the cake with edible things that the recipient is allergic to. If you know the recipient well, it won’t be difficult for you to pick the garnishing as per the recipient’s taste and preference. In case you are not familiar with the things the recipient doesn’t like, you can take a little help from your common friend circle.

That’s all. Now that you have done the homework and have taken note of all the important things to keep in your mind while buying the perfect birthday cake for your loved ones, plan a sweet surprise for them.

Sheri Croll