A Parent’s Guide to the Top 6 Educational Cartoons for Kids

A Parent’s Guide to the Top 6 Educational Cartoons for Kids

Most of us have dabbled into the realm of homeschooling during 2020, so we’re all a little wiser about what works best to help our kids learn.

For many of us, videos and other media content might have taken center stage, so we’re all a little more aware of how much children can learn from watching cartoons and shows. Expert opinions even suggest that television is a useful educational tool for children as long as you join in the fun.

Naturally, this all depends on what you’re watching together. Check out these educational cartoons for kids that’ll keep your kids entertained and informed.

  1. Dora The Explorer

This is one of the best cartoons for kids nowadays. It contains a host of interactive problem-solving challenges and the characters are exceptionally engaging for younger viewers.

Some of the learning opportunities presented in this show include lessons in teamwork, integrity, determination, and friendship.

  1. Team Umizoomi

One of the best educational cartoons for pre-schoolers, Team Umizoomi introduces children to shapes, patterns, counting, and colors in a fun way. The show covers all preschool math concepts and helps your youngsters get a head start on their education.

By dealing with these basic concepts in a fun way, Team Umizoomi also helps create a love of learning in younger kids, and in this way, it sets them up for success throughout their school career.

  1. Veggie Tales

In these cartoons for kids, veggies are the heroes of the day. This show has it all – endearing characters, superheroes, and colorful graphics.

Some of the life lessons illustrated in Veggie Tales include coping skills, creativity, and problem-solving. Find out more about Veggie Tales here.

  1. Nutri Ventures

As the name suggests, this entertaining series of kid-friendly cartoons focus on nutrition. Every episode, the heroes, Nina, Theo, Ben, and Leo set out to save the day by finding nutritious eats for their village.

This show helps kids find out what’s good for them in a fun and exciting way.

  1. Sid the Science Kid

Sid makes science cool for kids. Humor and music dominate the show, as the characters delve into the mysteries of the world, revealing important scientific concepts along the way.

It also helps encourage kids, fostering a healthy interest in discovering the mysteries of science in everyday life.

It’s one of those cartoons appropriate for kids as young as four years old, but much older children enjoy these characters’ antics too.

  1. Word World

Word World’s designed as an introduction to reading concepts but it’s also useful for children of all ages who struggle with reading or need a refresher on the basics.

All the characters represent letters of the alphabet and must work together to solve problems with words. So, the show’s good for honing their problem-solving and communication skills.

Finding Educational Cartoons for Kids

Are you looking for even more educational cartoons for kids? The important things to search for are age appropriateness, positive messages, and engaging content.

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Clare Louise