All You Need To Know About Rummy

All You Need To Know About Rummy

Rummy goes back a long way in time and is considered as one of the oldest card games in the world. Fascinating and captivating, the history of Rummy can indeed make someone eager to know about the game.

Rummy follows a simple gaming framework- draw and discard. If you do not know about the game until now, let me tell you that although the game seems to be simple, it is a mixture of attentiveness, strategy, and being familiar with the rules.

With the rapid digitisation going on all around us, the gaming industry too has spread its wings into the digital sphere. Our traditional card games, such as Rummy also have become quite popular amongst online games. In India alone, there are quite some variations of Rummy the 13 cards traditional one being the most common.

Traditional Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards. There can be a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. The cards rank from 2, which is the lowest, to A, which is the highest.

Here, a common misunderstanding is that most of the people think that Rummy is played and can be won through luck only while there is considerable involvement of fate, the dominant trait that the game demands is the brainpower of a player.

A potential Rummy player should have not only the necessary knowledge about the rules and regulations of the game but also possess advanced attributes. By “advanced attributes”, we refer to the abilities like – to memorise numbers real fast and compute basic math at a considerable pace.

Also, a player has to be alert at all the times and continuously improvise on his/her skills because the tables in Rummy can turn fast. One should know the right time or moment to drop out of the game not only to minimise his or her losses but to surprise the opponents, which will no wonder give the opponents a hard time to analyse the players’ moves.

The aspect where most potential Rummy players or existing players fail is not knowing how to time certain game-changing specific moves. For example, one should never underestimate the power of the Joker, which is a wild card. At the same time, a player should be careful about using high-value cards.

There is no denying that Rummy is a perceptive and engaging game. However, it can also be played to pass some time or to entertain yourself! It is important to take it seriously, but at the same time, it is okay not to. It is all on your convenience. This is what makes playing Rummy exciting.


Starting from the Tang Dynasty around a few centuries back, to the creation of “Whiskey Poker” by the French, and finally the birth of “Gin Rummy”, Rummy has come a long way. However, it has transformed into one of the most popular card games to exist in the modern world. This applies to the digital gaming industry as well!

Rummy is known today for its demand from players to work their brains out to win, and in the process, develop cognitive traits. Other than a good mental exercise, it is a great stress-buster and entertainment source. You can play a round of rummy just for good fun!

Donald Phillips