Author Christine Reidhead Releases The Book

Author Christine Reidhead Releases The Book

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Author, Christine Reidhead releases the book, “How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any Interview.”

Congratulations! You just landed an interview that could be a wonderful job. A successful job interview is key to getting a job; the interview is a remarkable chance where you impress the interviewer and get hired. In this article, I will explore an amazing book, “How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any Interview” written by talented author Christine Reidhead. In this book, you will get all the tips for landing a successful job; you will get a complete guide on what to do and what not to do for hunting a successful job.  

Here are some tips:


  • Do research on the company; it will increase your knowledge about the company’s achievements, mission, and milestones. The more you know about the company mission, the more confidence and empowered you will feel.
  • Dress professional to an interview, and you should feel confident and comfortable. Definitely dress to impress.
  • You should know why you are best for this job, why you should be hired and what is your objective.  Practice the answers of all questions by standing in front of the mirror, but don’t memorize your resume like the broken record. Be smart and use your well-crafted resume as the reference point while you are giving answers to the questions.
  • If the interviewer asked you about your any weakness, don’t say “I have no weakness.” The important thing is to be honest, and answer the question intelligently, pick up your weakness and turn that into the strength that relates to that job. For instance, “I am a little impatient, but this is because I always want to finish all projects within deadline, and I don’t want to disrupt the workflow of the team.”
  • If you have any gaps in your resume, don’t be worried about it. If you got the call for the interview, it means the company liked your profile and, that’s why they called you for the interview so no need to tell a lie. Always remain honest.
  • Don’t be rude, late, or talk about your former colleagues or bosses. Making inappropriate jokes, oversharing, or dominating the conversation will make a bad impression in front of interviewer.
  • Prepare for the brainteasers interviewer and answer each question confidentially without any hesitation.
  • Keep in mind, be gracious and polite to everyone you meet from the time you enter the door to the time you leave. Your first impression is key.


These are some tips you will get from the complete guide about how to ace the job interview in this book How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any Interview.” This book is getting excellent reviews. I recommend to all job seekers to read this book, as you will get fantastic information about job interviewing confidentially.

Donald Phillips