Challenging popular myths about strippers

Challenging popular myths about strippers

There is a lot that has been said about the business of stripping. A lot of what is being spread is unsubstantiated myths. Let’s look at some of the popular misconceptions about the business of stripping:

You might have seen people making it rain on a particular to a point where the floor is covered in dollars. If you counted all the $1 bills carpeting the floor, they might not even be more than $1000. The world had barely recovered from the last global recession of 2008 before being besieged by a pandemic, so it is virtually impossible for a stripper to be a millionaire just stripping.

Strippers are more reluctant to spend money on frivolous luxuries because they work so hard for the money they make. On average, strippers make $150 – $200 a night but this cannot be verified for all strippers Melbourne. Of course, there are times when strippers make lots of money but these moments are too far and in between. One has to account for other costs that performers have to carry like the house fee, the tips they have to give to the DJ, the bouncer, and the servers at the bar. A girl can easily find themselves walking home with less than $100. Strippers may look glamorous but to look the way they do also costs money. Stripping is not easy money as many people have been led to believe.

Strippers did not go to school or are dumb

You would be surprised at the number of strippers who have tertiary education. There is a popular joke about all strippers being student dental hygienists or studying towards something. You might smirk or laugh when a stripper tells you she is working in the club to pay her way through college. The truth is, they probably are working their way through college. With the cost of education being what it is these days, no wonder more young girls are looking for alternative ways of making money. It works out well for your average college-going student – school during the night, a couple of hours in a strip club. The myth that strippers are bimbos is not true

They are addicts

Alcohol and drugs are a universal problem. Addiction is not a rich or poor man’s problem. Alcohol and drugs mess with your mind and strippers like to be in control. Most would have an occasional drink, they know they can’t deliver their best performance when they are sloshed.

They are all nymphomanics

If that were true, strippers would be no different from prostitutes who will accept whatever they are offered as compensation. Strippers have a lot more going on in their lives than having to obsess about sex.

They come from broken homes

There is a recurring theme that says strippers have daddy issues or they come from broken families and have suffered the loss of a father they have struggled to come to terms with. Daddy issues are prevalent everywhere but they don’t drive all young girls to stripping.

They have no skills, no education, and can’t work anywhere else

The truth is that most strippers Melbourne do what they do because they want to do it. They are not indigent, they could choose a 9 to 5 job if they wanted to, some are even graduates but the economy is bad, jobs are scarce and a lot of graduates are drowning in student debt. Most dancers enjoy doing what they do. They love their work. They could choose a regular job but stripping offers financial freedom you won’t find in other professions. They choose their working hours and will have more time to spend with their children.

They can’t sustain a normal relationship

Strippers usually have partners, some are even married. As long as the partner is aware of the woman’s chosen way of earning living, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Danny White