Commercial Coffee Brewer Comparison – Bunn versus Fetco

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 Needing a reliable commercial coffee brewer? If so, check out some of the important facts about two of the best commercial coffee brewers you may want to consider.


Depending on the coffee sub-category you’re after, below are the features of Bunn Coffee Brewers:

Satellite Brewers

  • Both brewers and servers have sleek modernized designs.
  • Bunn Satellite Brewers are better positioned for fast flow hot water faucets. It also has greater cup clearance.
  • Features bright blue LED light indicators that show the coffee brewer unit is operational.
  • Recipes/batches are now programmable based on holding times and temperatures to ensure the freshness of coffee, as well as alerting staff when the server is empty.
  • USB programming
  • BUNN Infusion Technology for multiple recipes from one footprint.

Thermal Coffee Brewers

  • Features 4.3” color touchscreen for recipe customization, brewing options, and control.
  • 6 gallon or 21.2 liters capacity for back-to-back brewing
  • Energy-saver mode for reduced tank temperatures during idle periods
  • Sprayhead is multi-directional with a 17-hole design for uniformity of extraction
  • With electronic funnel locks that prevent removal of the brew funnel until the drip-through is complete
  • Brew counter for efficient tracking of the number of batched brewed.
  • Hot water faucet can be supplied for custom installation.
  • USB Programming
  • BUNN Infusion Technology for multiple recipes from one footprint.


  • Pure stainless
  • With hot water faucet.
  • Warming stations are individually controlled.
  • Uses SplashGard funnel to deflect hot liquids away from the hands

Pourover Brewers

  • No plumbing required.
  • Completely portable.
  • Uses SplashGard funnel to deflect hot liquids away from the hands
  • With 3 individually controlled warmers.

Single Cup

  • With air infusion single cup process for greater quality of coffees teas.
  • Saturation of coffee grounds controls for a perfect portion of water appropriate
  • Creates uniform extraction and complex beverage.

Bean to Cup

  • Touchpad with 2 programmable portion sizes from 8 to 12 oz and 9 beverage choices and hot water.
  • With 9 bar brew pressure for an excellent single or double shot with a beautiful crema.
  • Has 3 powder hoppers; two of which are dedicated for larger demand flavors while the other one allows for additional flavor

Fetco Coffee Brewers

Just like the Bunn Coffee Brewers, Fetco also offers great features depending on your need for commercial coffee brewers. See them below:

Pourover Brewer or Plug and Play Brewer

  • FetcoPourover Brewers feature self-adjusting warmers with temperature limiting technology. This feature helps resist coffee overheating as well as ensuring that the optimal serving temperatures are maintained.
  • Simple Switch Surface – These dedicated switches come with icons that will tell you when the top or bottom warmers are on or off.
  • Dedicated On/Off Switch – For easy access and power control FetcoPourover Brewers have lighted switch located on the front panel.

Single and Dual Station

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Features The Extractor Touchscreen Operating System (ETOS) for quick and efficient navigation from set up to daily operation brewing modes.

Single Stationary Coffee Brewer

  • Ultra volume lets you brew up to 6 gallons at a time.
  • Suitable for hotels, stadiums, etc. where a high-volume unit is needed.
  • Recipe customization

 So, which commercial coffee brewer is the best? It’s up to you to decide depending on your needs. We hope that with the details above, you will be able to choose the best coffee brewer that would suit your needs. Good luck!

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Danny White