Customized Made to Measure timber Flooring Dubai Supply and Installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is type of wooden floorings which provide high persistence

Customized Made to Measure timber Flooring Dubai Supply and Installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is type of wooden floorings which provide high persistence

Flooring is the permanent covering of the floor. It is of various types: Wooden flooring, Vinyl flooring, Glass flooring and timber flooring. Timber flooring comes under the category of wooden flooring. It requires the use of timber wood along with another type of wood to give your floor a furnished and excellent look. Timber flooring Abu Dhabi is of high recommendation among customers.

Easy to clean is one of the most features of these floorings

  • Timber flooring is a type of flooring that has many benefits and advantages over other types. High insulation rate of these flooring provide great environment in summer and winter as it does not allow heat to pass through your feet to the floor.
  • Low energy levels in the manufacturing process are what make them quite budget friendly. High carbon storage in timber provide great environment for the children and old age people.
  • Timber floorings are very cost effective and loaded with multiple features
  • This type of flooring attracts more consumers as it shows that they are way economical than cork and rubber flooring. The best timber flooring in Dubai is of high significance due to its stain and dirt resistant features and economical cost of installation in long run.
  • It is also famous for providing very good acoustic environment which will cancel out all types of sounds and provide you a peaceful and quite environment.

You can buy these floorings from our offline as well as online stores

  • There are many companies that manufacture timber flooring all over the world. The most widely used type of wooden flooring because of its explicit qualities. Timber flooring in Abu Dhabi is provided by us in all over UAE.
  • Timber flooring in Dubai is used in many commercial and workplaces. This type of flooring leads to greater preference in shopping malls and big

We provide timber flooring installations in many different ways at very minimal charges

  • The installation of timber flooring is quite simple as another type of flooring. The only thing that is important in the installation is the right size and dimension of the timber tiles otherwise worse consequences would emerge. The installation of timber flooring Dubai is divided in two types.
  • There are two ways for the installation of timber flooring: Glued down and floating. In the Floating method, the main procedure is the same with the little difference at the last steps such as Drop and slide then angling the plank after that horizontal insertion of wooden planks and installation at difficult areas.
  • In Glued down, the procedure for installation is start by preparation of floor and end at the fitting boards and carves.


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