Does Jardiance make you sleepy?

Jardiance is a relatively new oral diabetes medication that is being used to treat people who are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It belongs to a class of drugs called SGLT2 which stands for Sodium-Glucose Transport 2 which causes the kidneys to flush out the excess sugar in the blood through the person’s urine. The use of Jardiance and the drugs of its class has revolutionized the way medical professionals treat diabetes type 2 patients.

Jardiance is a drug that needs a prescription as with all other diabetic medications. Jardiance which the active ingredient isEmpaglifozin has several known side effects such as increased frequency of urinating, infection of the genitalia such as candidiasis, thirst, low blood sugar, and allergy. Sleepiness is not usually associated with the use of Jardiance but few possible factors can explain the effect here. Low blood sugar which is common side effects of this medication may be felt by the user as sleepiness as the former symptom can cause someone to feel tired and lethargic. The lack of sugar also means that the brain also depleted of sugar and sending the information that the body needs to rest or reduce activity that consumes too much energy.

Besides the explanation given above, many medically-related diagnoses can explain the symptom of sleepiness felt by the user of this drug. Sleepiness can be caused by lack of sleep which the user may experience when taking this medication due to increased urination at night or having episodes of low blood sugar during sleep. Lack of sleep can also be due to another medical condition called sleep apnoea. This condition is associated with obese and type 2 diabetes patients and can lead to daytime sleepiness.

Other factors are such as hypothyroidism, anaemia (low haemoglobin in blood), and interaction with other drugs, especially those with sedating properties. While in most cases, people with diabetes type 2 often diagnosed with other diabetic-related conditions such as hyperlipidaemia, high cholesterol, and ischaemic heart disease, it is not uncommon to see some who have subclinical hypothyroidism. Diabetes itself, if not treated well, can cause sleepiness and tiredness but with hypothyroidism, this may lead to difficulty in identifying the cause of the symptom even when the person is already taking the diabetic medications.

Diabetic patients can develop chronic kidney failure in the long run and lead to anaemia of chronic disease and anaemia due to kidney failure. Because of the kidney failure, Jardiance used may not be effective thus worsening the effects of diabetes (which include sleepiness). As mentioned earlier, some people may develop a mild allergic reaction to this medication when initially using it and may take a counter-allergic drug that can have sedating side effects hence causing sleepiness after taking the medications.

In conclusion, Jardiance is not commonly known to cause the user to feel sleepy except if there are other reasons behind it. If all other factors have been excluded, you have to seek medical professional help to identify the cause of sleepiness and helping you treating as sleepiness, especially in broad daylight, can have detrimental effects on one’s health and safety.