Great Classical Movies all the time

Great Classical Movies all the time

Whether it be new or old, some movies continue to weave magic through their magical storylines or acting or soulful music and leave us in awe. These movies leave a long-lasting impression on us, making us want more like that. And going through one of the most disastrous years in history, watching movies was one way to relieve the stress. And it was a year when using OTT services to stream movies became one of the best ways. Everyone enjoyed the diverse content that was provided by these OTT platforms. Though Global OTT services provided many movies to stream, people wanted more regional content to be available on these streaming services. And last year, we got introduced to aha.

It was a welcome change for us. We were able to stream some of the yesteryear Telugu blockbusters as well as the new ones. The films which got delayed due to the pandemic got streamed on Aha. The sheer number of movies available to choose from was incredible. Aha also lets you stream your favorite Tamil and Malayalam blockbusters dubbed in Telugu. And if you are not a native speaker and don’t understand the language, it’s not a problem because it provides subtitles for every movie. The love for classic films always remains the same. And you can stream some of the greatest classics of the Telugu industry on Aha. Let me state one of them for you to enjoy. And, Of course, it is Superstar Chiranjeevi’sTagore.


  1. V. Vinayak directed this Action movie. Chota K. Naidu was the cinematographer of the movie. Mani Sharma composed the music for the film. The film was released on 24th September 2003. The running time of the movie is 176 minutes.

The film follows the story of Tagore(Chiranjeevi), who takes on the job of abolishing corruption from society. The film starts with the investigation of 15 missing Tehsildars going on. After three days, 14 of them are released, but one is found dead. The police find some documents from the scene which states the reason for the kidnappings and death of only one, with the words ACF written on it. Every government official gets scared of this incident and immediately files their returns. But gradually, corruption begins again, and ACF acts. While the old police officers slowly solve this case, one of the constables, Suryam(Prakash Raj), tries to solve this case. He passed IPS but became a constable because he couldn’t pay the bribe to become an officer. He tries to find the common link among each case and proceeds by collecting information about every non-corrupt official. He then tries to find out about corrupt officials through these people. Finally, he can connect the links to find out that ACF is connected to the National College professor Tagore. Maybe you should try watching this blockbuster to find out what happens next.

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