Greater Limits You Must go for in Sports Betting

Greater Limits You Must go for in Sports Betting

Make a first deposit of 100 euros and send your vouchers by email. You can also send them by mail but it will take much longer to be processed. Make your first bet on the meeting that interests you for € 100. You can bet on any match and any sport. And this without any limitation of rating and is exceptional without any time limit.

You must activate your Sports betting account to get your free bet bonus

When you have received your 놀이터 토토 site activation code, confirm your registration on Sports betting permanently. It is only after the validation, that you will be able to profit from the exceptional bonus first bet reimbursed.

As a result of your first bet, two scenarios arise:

Either he’s a winner, Congratulations you’ll win the bet winnings. Either he is the loser or in this case you will get the bonus of 100 euros immediately and without any conditions. You can even withdraw it immediately to your bank account without any obligation to replay it.

  • It is simply an exceptional bonus and really risk free as it is paid in cash.
  • Take advantage of the bonus Sports betting 

Means of payment available on Sports betting 

  • Means of payment
  • Enjoy Sports betting bonus

Means of payment:

  • Blue Cards / Visa / MasterCard,
  • Bank transfer,
  • PayPal,
  • Skill,
  • NE teller,
  • Paysafecard
  • Monocyclic,
  • Ticket Premium,
  • Payslip,
  • Sports betting barcode


Minimum deposit: 10 € with Paysafecard, Ticketpremium and Sports betting bar code, 15 € with other payment types

Deposit Fee: None

How to withdraw your money: Bank transfer

Minimum withdrawal possible: 15 euros

Fees for withdrawals: None

Minimum bet: 10 centimes

Minimum clearance allowed: 1.10

Compare the payment methods at Sports betting with the means of payment at the bookmakers. Sports betting do not take a charge when you make a deposit via credit card. Same by prepaid card (Paysafecard, Ukash, Moneyclic, Ticket Premium), and electronic wallet (PayPal, Skill, NE teller). It is the same for the payment of earnings that will be made only by bank transfer.

The Android apps and IPhone Sports betting 

Sports betting are a well-designed website that is suitable for mobiles and tablets. This bookmaker also offers to bet from its IPhone / IPod and Android applications. The Sports betting app is 2 in 1, because it allows both access to sports bets but also to the poker world.

Visually the application is quite similar to the website. It uses the same red and white colours, the same presentation and the same ergonomics. The app is sober, enjoyable and fast.

Sports betting app sports book

The application is a success because it contains all the features that make the site successful. Classic bets are here, as well as live betting via video streaming. You will also be able to play the coach game and the prediction grids from the Sports betting app. In short, a real success. Compare the Sports betting app with other sports betting apps on the market.


Danny White