How To Choose And Wear Single Pearl Necklace?

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Pearl jewelry designed today is at the epitome of creativity and uniqueness. Even youngsters own a DIY collection that holds pearl jewelry not available anywhere. The days that only the royalty and the wealthy could afford pearls is gone.

Cultured pearls are saturating the jewelry market. They are more affordable than diamonds, so jewelry designers are taking steps in designing attractive pearl rings or necklace that appeals to the millennial and youngsters. Read more here!

Fashionistas are making sure to provide tips and tricks on how ladies need to wear real pearl jewelry to look seductively gorgeous. Traditional color of pearl was white or off white or cream but today pearls can be seen in plethora of hues and colors like blue, black, pink, gray, peacock, and more. Besides colors there are plenty of shapes and sizes available.

Single pearl necklace and outfits

It does not matter, if you want to wear casual clothes or formal outfit to a crucial business meeting but consider some tips while choosing clothes to pair with single pearl necklace.


  • Never choose sweater, T-shirt, dress or top with busy pattern or design around cleavage region. You wish to allow the single strand to shine and improve your natural beauty. Less is MORE!
  • Check the neckline of the dress or blouse you plan to wear. Top serves as great canvas to exhibit your pearls. Therefore it must not overwhelm the strand but help to improve its qualities. Even choose an appropriate fabric like chiffon and silk.


While choosing colors it is necessary to consider your complexion and fabric.

  • Ladies with fair complexion need to avoid wearing white blouse with white Akoya pearls. This combination will wash you and highlight dark circles and tiredness. Similarly, black outfit work with single stranded black pearls will work against women having medium to dark skin tone.
  • Ladies with warm or cool complexion will look great wearing lavender or pink freshwater pearls with white tops or black T-shirt. Golden pearls will look striking, when worn with minimalistic white gown. Black Tahitian pearls need to be worn on special events with pink quartz blouses or emerald green shirts.


  • Never cover yourself with different kind of accessories. Pearl jewelry mixed with statement items like colorful gems will overwhelm the outfit making you unnoticeable.
  • Leave jewelry, you are uncertain will be a good match. With pearls larger than 9 mm, you can create luxurious look without adding other gemstone jewelry.

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