Kitchen Works made my wife’s birthday

Kitchen Works made my wife’s birthday

Let me start by saying that I am not a great cook. I’m the kind of guy who lived on ramen and hot pockets for most of my adult life. Once my wife (then girlfriend) entered the picture, she happily took on cooking duties and I never questioned it. However, the night I proposed to my wife I finally dragged myself into the kitchen and attempted to cook pesto linguine. The pasta was, I’ll admit, pretty bad, but my wife appreciated the sentiment (and obviously, the proposal).

Over the years, pesto linguine has become a tradition in our house. At first, it was a running joke. She’d sarcastically suggest we make it when my parents came over, when we were celebrating a special occasion, or basically any time that a nice dinner out would be the better choice. But every time she asked, I gave it another try. And now, almost a decade later, I’m actually pretty good at making pesto. I’d even be willing to guess that half the time my wife suggests it, she’s not really joking!

So this past year, with everything closed down for quarantine, it seemed like a no-brainer that we would have pesto linguine for her birthday dinner. Only this year, I was going to have our twins (5 years old) help me! We told her to run a bath, then got out the food processor to start making our pesto.

But right as we got started, my daughter dropped the processor on the floor — and the bowl got a huge crack down one side.

Clearly, my wife’s birthday dinner was going to be on hold. But I had no idea what we were going to do without a processor. I didn’t want to run out to a big box store and pick up a new machine, so instead I decided to see if I could get a replacement bowl quickly.

Luckily, I discovered Kitchen Works right away. They have a huge collection of Cuisinart food processor parts, all of which are from the Cuisinart warehouse so you know they’ll work with your machine. I was able to find the right bowl for our current model (thanks to a helpful guide on the website), and it was even available for a pretty reasonable price.

We ordered the bowl and expected to get it in a week or two. There were issues with slow package deliveries during that time, and we had accepted that my wife’s birthday celebration would have to wait. But Kitchen Works really delivered, and our new bowl was at our doorstep in just five days! The kids discovered the package first, and they were so excited to be able to make mom’s dinner (and watch me make my famous pesto). 

Kitchen Works helped us turn a weird time with this pandemic into something really special, both for my wife and for my kids. I am really thankful for that, and I know my wife will be on their site the next time she needs a kitchen gadget replaced.