Long Distance Moving Checklist- to do tasks

One of the most important tasks that you have to do is to plan ahead before a long distance move. However, it is very easy to say “prepare a list” ahead of the time but it is a tedious task to foresee all the things ahead especially when it is a big move or a long distance move. This is the place where you will get the checklist of things that you have to do before. 

4 weeks before: Checklist 

a.)    Once you are decided that you need to relocate, the next step is to find out the right moving company to make your relocation successful. 

b.)    Go through all your items under the guidance of the professionals of thenationwide moving companies. 

c.)    Start cleaning of your home to make it ready for your big day. 

d.)    Keep your To-Do list around you to stay organized throughout the whole process. 

e.)    Make planning of all the arrangements for travel. 

f.)    While doing an inventory of the items, get rid of all the things that you have not used last year. Either resell these items to any garage sale or consider a donation. 

2 weeks before: Things to do 

a.)    If you have hired long distance moving company, ask for storage options if you are in need. 

b.)    Start packing

c.)    While packing, label your boxes to make the entire process smooth and organized. You can also take help from the best moving companies in Miami in packing if you are in need. 

d.)    Disconnect all the utility services as well as subscriptions such as gym membership. 

e.)    Finalize and book travel arrangements.

f.)    Notify everyone for your address change. 

1 week before Checklist 

a.)    Update your inventory to your hired long distance moving company. 

b.)    Confirm the pickup schedule with the company. 

c.)    Make sure all packing and labeling have been done. You can also make an inventory after packing and labeling. 

d.)    Go over to-do checklist and make sure that you have not missed anything that has to be done. 

1 day before the move: Checklist

a.)    Consume all the frozen food and clean the freeze and freezer. If there is any frozen food item left behind in your freezer, ask your neighborhood friend to keep it in their refrigerator for some time until you have not installed appliances at your new home or consume the same.  

b.)    Have needed cash in your hand for the big day or for your moving day. 

c.)    Have all travel reservations in your hand. 

d.)    Make sure that you are ready to relocate and you have all items that are needed to relocate. 

e.)    Meet your neighborhood friends and say goodbye to them. 

The big day: Day of pick up 

a.)    Make sure that all the valuables are safe and secure for a long trip. 

b.)    Have your payment arrangements are according to the top rated Out of State Moving Companies

c.)    Keep your phone handy and be available if your moving company contacts you. 

d.)    Be available to see the loading process. 

e.)    Go over the inventory of your home and make sure that nothing is left behind. 

f.)    Don’t forget to exchange your contact information with the driver and the company so if needed you can contact each other. 

This to-do checklist will be helpful for you to have a successful long distance move without any worry and stress. 

Clare Louise