Persian Rugs—Different Types & Their Features

Persian Rugs—Different Types & Their Features

Today, rugs are a part of every interior décor. Each rug comes from a different origin and has its own features and uniqueness. Oriental rugs made in Turkey represent their culture. The same is the case with Persian rugs. These rugs are known for their quality and amazing beauty. If you are looking for a combo of both Pakistani and Persian cultures, Pak Persian rugs are the way to go for. Today, we’ll walk you through some of the types of Pak Persian Rugs and their features to help you make the right decision. 

Different Types of Persian Rugs

Although the term Persian rug is associated with different countries, authentic Persian rugs only originate in Iran. Every piece of Persian rug reflects the culture and history of Iran. Some of the types include Khorassan/Mashad, Sultanabad/Mahal, Esfahan, Bakhtiari, Kashan/Mohtasham, Farahan, Kerman, Gabbeh, and Tabriz. Let’s discuss a few of them; 

  • Khorassan / Mashad

Appropriately named after Mashhad (a city in Iran), Mashhad rugs can be a perfect addition to any house with modern or traditional décor because these rugs can complement every style effortlessly. These rugs are famous for their vivid red, purplish or crimson background. Other colors used in Mashad Persian rugs are vivid purple and red tones, brown tones, blue tones, and green colors. One of the significant features of these rugs is that they are made of soft and lustrous wool. 

  • Sultanabad / Mahal

Mahal and Sultanabad rugs are produced in the city of Arak, formerly known as Sultanabad. The design of these rugs is inspired by various cultures surrounding the region. Most of the Sultanabad Persian rugs have bold, floral patterns. They are famous for dark blues and reds with highlights of ivory and green.

  • Esfahan

Located in West-central Iran, Esfahan city is famous for the production of high-quality rugs. Trees with animals, geometric medallions, or pictorials of nature and people are some of the typical designs used in Esfahan rugs. Many colors are used in these rugs such as navy, turquoise, pale mushroom, beige, and red. The main feature of Esfahan Persian rugs is the use of specific terra cotta red color in the border, field, or accents of the rugs. 

  • Tabriz

Tabriz Persian rugs are known for their exceptional quality, fine texture, and a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs. These rugs are the most traded rugs worldwide because they offer the most diverse displays of designs from Herati/Mahi, and medallion, to pictorial, figural, and even 3-d shapes. From soft pastels to brilliant rich tones, you will find Tabriz rugs in every tone. 

  • Kashan / Mohtasham

Woven in the city of Kashan, Mohtasham/Kashan rugs are among the finest and most traded Persian rugs. The designs of these rugs are very rare with a traditional navy medallion and a deep, rich color palette. 

Persian rugs, without any doubt, can enhance the aesthetics of every interior décor. The above-discussed types of Persian rugs offer a unique set of features and characteristics. Make your interior a well-decorated space with these types of Persian rugs!

Clare Louise