Reasons You Want Rain on Your Wedding Day

Reasons You Want Rain on Your Wedding Day

Truth be told, rain on your wedding day can really be something to be thankful for! Here are the reasons you’d really need it to rain on the day. And yes, we’re not kidding.

  1. Rain makes for unique wedding photos.

Capturing wedding photos in the rain brings out some uniqueness. The mist as a result of the rain and the soft light makes it looking romantic compared to the one taking on a sunny day. Many Houston photographers prefer shooting on a cloudy or rainy day. Besides, there’s an artistic opportunity to take advantage of with rain. So, it will be great to take photos in the rain and you can really capture some great moments in a great manner. It will be fun and at the same time make the occasion more romantic and special.

  1. Rain gives you an excuse to cuddle

Capturing photos in the rain gives the couple an opportunity to cuddle themselves feeling loved and cared for. The patter of the rain on umbrellas and the windows is the sweetest sound you’ll hear, and is a sound that is associated with romance. Rain will fill the atmosphere with love and romance and you can feel it in the environment. You will enjoy every second more and will love the way things will go on.

  1. Wedding flowers last longer in the rain

Capturing photos using wedding flowers to enhance the photo outcomes lasts longer when it’s raining compared to a sunny day. It feels great and you feel more comfortable, energetic and fresh. Sunny days might make you dull and exhausted but rain keeps you fresh and you enjoy the weather and occasion both at the same time.

Flowers are less likely to wilt in rainy conditions-cooler temperatures and humidity all generally make flowers happier than sun, heat and dry air. So, you can enjoy and capture some great photos with the fresh and colorful flowers without worrying about the flowers to get wilt soon.

  1. A rainy wedding makes for a great story

Wedding day “disasters” may not seem funny in the moment, but one day you’ll love telling your children—or, heck, anyone who will listen—the epic story of how you battled a big storm on your wedding day to your grandchildren. It is always fun to remember such occasions and tell them to others. Sometimes such moments brings tears to your eyes while at the same time it brings smile on your faces as well. So, rain in such occasions always make the day more special and fun. You enjoy the day for the whole of your life and enjoy telling it to others every now and then.

  1. Rain makes for wedding day rainbows

What comes at the end of an awful storm? “If it rains and the rain stops, the perfect rainbow backdrop can be created and it’s free of charge, thanks to Mother Nature.