Rummy Rules for Beginners to Play Rummy Online

Rummy Rules for Beginners to Play Rummy Online

Rummy is the most popular card game today and the growing demand has launched in on mobile in the form of apps. Yes, you are now free to play your favourite game on your mobile at any time and any place. But what if you are willing to play rummy but are not aware of rummy rules for playing online? So, here are some common rules which are very useful for beginners to play rummy online and make money through it.

  • Rummy is played with two decks of cards where both decks must have 1 printed joker. In Online rummy, all the card’s values are equivalent to the number printed on it but all the faces card has 10 points.
  • In the online version, there are 2 or the utmost 6 players where 13 cards are distributed to every member. If you are beginner and unaware regarding rummy rulesgo for practice sessions where you can join the table and start playing rummy without investing a single penny.
  • Once cards are in hands every player is required to pick the card from the un-dealt pack and throw other cards from the hand of the same card if it is not useful. In the same manner, other players pick the card and the game follows until any player opts for show off. 
  • If you are playing with real money every time on your turn you are required to add some chips but if you are willing to drop, don’t draw the card from the deck.

Which type of sequence is to be formed?

The main task is to form 4 types so sequence where one must be pure sequences while the other can be impure sequence or sets.

  1. Pure Sequence: A sequence that is formed by 3 or more cards in the successive manner of the same suit. It is very important to form this sequence without using the wild or joker card. It is important to form at least 1 such set and if possible you can form 2 or 3. E.g.: A, K, Q or 5,6,7,8.
  2. Impure Sequence: A set that can have 3 or more cards on the same suit but it can have a wild card or joker to form set. It is not necessary to have wild cards in it as it can be formed even with the card but if you are unable to form the set opt for the wild card. E.g.: A, Q, joker.
  3. Sets: A group that is formed using 3 or more cards with the same value but can be of any suit is called a set. You can use joker or wild cards to form the set. E.g.: J, J, J, J.

All the sequences which are to be formed while playing online are the same as if you are playing offline. These are basic rummy rules which can help even beginner to get the complete idea to deal with cards and if they are comfortable with practical sessions can opt to play with real money. So, download the best rummy game on your mobile and start playing it to make money and get entertained.




Donald Phillips