Strip Your Kitchen and Start Over

Strip Your Kitchen and Start Over

A home remodel can take a lot of time and energy, but there’s nothing better than seeing your vision come to reality. While you may not want to do a complete overhaul in your household, you may want to start in one room. Let’s center in on your kitchen, the hub for all of your homemade meals and dinner parties. Here are some things to keep in mind as you strip down your kitchen and get to work on your upgrades.

Clearing Out

When it comes to clearing out the current kitchen, you want to make sure that you are removing cabinets and countertops safely as to not provide undue additional damage in tearing down your kitchen. You’ll also want to temporarily halt any power that is going to any lighting fixtures. This will prevent any snags for an electrician or handyman to install any newer lighting for the kitchen. It can also keep from any additional press on a utility bill for wasted power.

Before you get the remodel going, you may want to check your home’s ventilation. Ductless air conditioners is an efficient and effective way to cool your Mount Washington home. Bringing in an HVAC technician to assess the placement of the unit can have central air conditioning and heating through your home in no time. Depending on the household, you may need an outdoor unit for the proper operation of a condenser. It’s important to also have ductwork established that will operate cleanly, not inhibiting air flow or causing any burnout of equipment for an indoor unit.

Backsplash and Cabinetry

Once a homeowner has their HVAC system and thermostat in place, along with lighting fixtures, it’s on to cabinetry and countertops. Consider your budget to determine the material and labor costs for the cabinets and countertops you want. Counters made from marble and quartz make for easy cleanup. However, marble, in particular, can impact the budget more significantly and does take longer than granite countertops to properly seal and connect to the cabinet system, especially in humid conditions. This needs to be taken into account near the sink area.

In addition to those new counters, you may want to compare a standard backsplash vs full kitchen backsplash for your new kitchen. This can be done with subway tile that provides a pop of color to the paint job done in the kitchen. This should be installed before putting countertops in place to allow for a proper melding of textures and surfaces. A buyer should consider the amount of material needed for a given backsplash. This will prove a unique touch and focal point to your new kitchen and its new environment.

Upgrading Appliances

One of the final steps of a kitchen remodel is to bring in some new appliances that stand out just as much as your new kitchen does. Be sure to check out a local showroom to get some inspiration for texture, color, and design. Depending on the space you have on your floor, that will determine the size of stove or refrigerator you may want to install in this remodeled area. You’ll also want to consider energy efficiency throughout these remodels.

Be sure to look into Energy Star appliances. These are appliances given a seal of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy. From microwaves to dishwashers, there are multiple designs that fall under this Energy Star label with a higher rate of durability over time. This can lead to an appliance that is a perfect fit for your new kitchen, and make for a cohesive transition into this newly created hub of your home.