Technology in the medical field has brought many innovations that only benefit everyone. 

Technology in the medical field has brought many innovations that only benefit everyone. 

Online medical scheduling has also come to revolutionize the agenda of medical clinics! Find out the advantages of acquiring this innovation for your clinic by reading the article.

Relief Seeker follows the technology combined with health and has brought numerous advantages, such as more accurate and less invasive exams, easier access to knowledge and numerous software to help in the management of clinics and organization of consultations. One of the great advantages of this software is that it allows online medical care.

The use of this resource optimizes the service and makes life easier for both the doctor and the patient – especially when making appointments. This tool is increasingly used in hospitals, clinics and offices.

Continue reading the article to understand more about the benefits gained from this tool!

The importance of prioritizing patients’ comfort and convenience

Making medical care available online does not mean attending to patients over the internet, but allowing them to view their availability for scheduling and do this process autonomously , without necessarily contacting your clinic.

This is a tool that makes life easier for everyone involved in a consultation: doctors, reception staff and the patient himself.

Making this task more convenient brings comfort and convenience to those who need treatment, something very important when it comes to health. It is not uncommon for people to neglect a medical appointment simply because they do not have time to stop during the routine and make an appointment.

Advantages of the online medical agenda

The online agenda can do a lot for professionals and patients, in addition to promoting a more practical and easier routine. By choosing the right application, it is possible to add several other benefits . 

Adaptation to the digital age with online medical scheduling

Using online medical scheduling, you are modernizing your clinic and showing that it accompanies technological innovations to make everyone’s life easier.

In addition, as most use the internet on their cell phones, it will be very easy for their patients to schedule an appointment. Just access the website, or scheduling application, with this device that lives in the palm of virtually everyone.

Appointment available 24 hours

An electronic appointment scheduling system allows the patient, wherever they are, to access the doctor’s online agenda in real time and book the appointment whenever they want.

A system that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is infinitely superior to the restricted telephone scheduling during business hours, used in most medical offices.

The need to consult a doctor can arise at any time and, with online scheduling, the patient can make an appointment as soon as there is demand, including on weekends, during trips or at home.

Cost reduction

Only those who have an office know how difficult it is to hire and maintain an efficient receptionist to answer numerous calls and take care of appointments with agility.

The use of a digital system allows the receptionist to focus on other activities and be even more productive , as many patients will book online. In addition, your phone expenses will be reduced , as there will also be fewer confirmation calls to make.

There are systems that offer features like consultation reminders via email or SMS. Thus, the reduction in patient absences and telephony costs is certain.

Knowledge of the patient profile

With a computerized scheduling system, you can get to know the profile of your patients, informing yourself about the most requested office hours , discovering who are the main patients who deselect , among others. This can help you develop other forms of targeted marketing.

Lower abstention rate

Some systems have a feature designed to remind patients of their appointments, via SMS or email, as mentioned above.

This practice reduces telephone costs and absenteeism rates, since the person can cancel quickly if he / she cannot attend. If she cancels directly in the online medical care program, the schedule is automatically available to other patients.

More quality service

It is undeniable that technology is changing the way we relate. Today, even grocery shopping can be done with one click and, in this context, making an appointment for a medical appointment via phone does not seem to be a process compatible with the current reality.

When we call somewhere for assistance, we need to deal with waiting times , queues and maybe even a busy line . The recipe is simple: when you call, you probably have to wait. And who’s in the office, too.

When using the online model, patients who went to the consultation do not have to wait for the receptionist to hang up before entering the service, in the same way that those who wish to book do not come into direct contact with the clinic. That is, the quality of service improves a lot for everyone!

Reduction of waiting lines

One of the reasons that make a patient give up the appointment or look for another clinic option is the delay in getting an appointment.

It is not always possible to find a suitable time, however, having autonomy to search an online agenda makes it possible to analyze the entire grid for a long period. That way, it is possible to find the most suitable opportunity, without having to fill the professional with the reception of questions.

The consequence is a significant decrease in the waiting list . Once you choose your schedule without depending on the receptionist’s suggestion, the tendency is for more service possibilities to be available .

Convenience in scheduling

In the rush of everyday life, many people do not find time to call and wait in the call center line to schedule appointments. Often, even, they end up scheduling in another clinic due to the long waiting time on the line .

With online scheduling, there is more speed, convenience and this problem is avoided completely.