The best Nintendo Switch Homebrews recommended

The best Nintendo Switch Homebrews recommended

About two years ago BIG N launched its new console, Nintendo Switch. It is fun and seductive for gamers. Homebrew which is considered a personal way is to improve the performance of nintendo switch. AND, well, I recommend Homebrew from Nintendo Switch, all the homebrew for switch should be work on a cracked Switch

Homebrew is a design to offer software, it’s like an application that starts on custom firmware. Before installing Homebrew on your Nintendo Switch console, check that your Nintendo switch is hacked, and can access RCM auto mode.

Before introducing homebrew, to be able to play games and homebrew applications on your Nintendo Switch. It must have a homebrew lancher

How to install a homebrew launcher

  • download the latest nx-hbmenu
  • Place the hbmenu.nro file at the root of your micro SD card.
  • Insert the micro SD card into Nintendo switch
  • Turn on the console, then go to Settings, Internet section and select DNS Configuration
  • Set your Switch DNS server to and perform a connection test.
  • Click on “Install”. If you see 2000-1337 on your screen, it means that the installation was successful.
  • Restart the device and retest the connection.
  • Click on “Run”. The exploit is over when there is a popup asking you to exit.
  • Go to the Home menu and click the Album icon.

To install homebrew games and applications, you must download them and place them on the micro SD card of your switch. Homebrew games and application files have the .nro extension.

Download homebrew applications / games from the link above and place them on the micro SD card of your switch in the switch folder.

The homebrew launcher will scan your micro SD card for all .nro files and display them in the menu.

Homebrew recommended

RetroArch Switch v1.7.6

Function: Portage for the Nintendo Switch of the multi-platform API “RetroArch” which gathers mainly emulators and game engines.


Download the RetroArch 7z file for Switch (download link above).
Extract its content and simply drag retroarch and the switch folder onto the root of the SD card.
Open Hbmenu and launch RetroArch.

mGBA v0.7.0

Function: “mGBA”, an emulator of GB / GBC / GameBoy Advance written in C language by Jeffrey Pfau (endrift) and based (substantially) on GBA.js and which aims to be a high quality emulator. Available for Windows (Vista and +), Linux, Mac OSX and many other systems.

Main Features

  • Highly accurate hardware support from Game Boy Advance [1].
  • Hardware support for Game Boy / Game Boy Color.
  • Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low-end hardware, such as netbooks.
  • Qt and SDL ports for a heavy and lightweight front-end interface.
  • Support for the local link cable (same computer).
  • Backup type detection even for flash memory size [2].
  • Supports cartridges with motion sensors and rumble (only for use with game controllers).
  • Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
  • Supports solar collectors for Boktai games.
  • Support for Game Boy and Game Boy Printer cameras.

EdiZon v2.1.0

EdiZon is a memory editor that works with configuration files.
Under this name hides a tool very close to Checkpoint Bruno Giordano, namely a state backup manager, which allows to save, modify configuration files, but the tool also provides access to a large number of cheats for example to increase the number of pieces in Super Mario Odyssey.

NX-Shell v1.20

“NX-Shell “, This is the second version of the famous port of 3DShell published for the 3DS, it is a file manager to copy / paste, move folders, delete files, or to watch images. The PDF reader has just been updated and can now be viewed in landscape fullscreen mode, but the changes are very numerous as evidenced by the changelog, and many improvements have been made by the developer.

Main Features

  • FS code restructured to allow copying from / to other edit points. (the file copy now uses the internal functions of fs)
  • Get free / maximum storage correctly for each partition using FS rather than NS.
  • Fixed the progress bar from badly melting into the background.
  • Update SDL_FontCache to v0.10 and return to using the Roboto font
  • Shows the id3v2 MP3 cover image if found.

pPlay v1.5

pPlay v1.5, excellent multimedia player for the Nintendo Switch.

You should really use a HBL (HomeBrew Loader) NSP to release all the switch memory to run pPlay, otherwise you will have a memory / crash problem

Alternatively, if you use Atmosphere, you can press (R) when launching a game. This will load the HBL (HomeBrew Loader) with all unlocked memory.


Copy the directory “pplay” to the SD card (/ switch / pplay)

  • The “rmvb” file extension and audio frequencies below 48,000 are now supported. In addition, some bugs such as truncated subtitles and problems with the HOME button when pPlay is running as NSP are fixed.
  • Added support for rmvb extensions
  • Increasing the size of the subtitle atlas, this should / could correct truncated subtitles
  • Fixed pause / resume when using the home button
  • Correcting audio synchronization when using the home button
  • Resetting the osd play button during the search
  • authorization of the audio frequency <48000

All the homebrew should work on a hacked Switch, which means you need a tool to help you Get permission of the console, sx pro and rcmload seem a good choice, if you want to know more,please check in the blog of love-gamecard.

Danny White