Things To Consider Before Moving With Your Significant Other

Things To Consider Before Moving With Your Significant Other

As a relationship progresses, one of the significant milestones that will eventually get reached is the merging of two homes into one! The idea of living together as a couple can sound exciting. After all, you’ll be able to build a love nest together and not have to worry about living with family members or housemates any longer. You’ll both have a place you can share that you can call ‘home’.

If you’ve never lived with someone before, there are some adjustments that you’ll both need to make. Doing so will mean that you can both live together in harmony with one another! Here’s what you’ll need to consider before you both move in together at your new abode:

You may both need to downsize

If one or both of you have a lot of possessions, you’ll likely need to downsize before moving into your new home. You might not think it, but that’s often the case with couples going from a large family home to a smaller flat or apartment. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to afford to live in a house, you can probably skip this section. But if you’re moving into a small property together, here are a few pointers to help make the transition a smooth one:

Put large possessions into storage

Do you have a lot of furniture or other items that take up a lot of space? If so, consider moving them into self storage in Crawley or an area near to your new home. That way, you can take the time to go through those items and decide if you want to keep them, sell them, or give them away.

Decide on furniture that works well in your new abode

If your new home is limited in space, you want to make sure that the furniture inside of it doesn’t take up too much of that space. Remember that you’ll both still need to have some space to walk around your new abode!

You’ll need to split the bills in a fair way

Unless only one of you is earning an income for the household, you should fairly split the bills. For example, food, electricity, gas, and water bills should get cut in half, as would entertainment costs like the TV licence and Netflix. But, there are some bills that you should not split. Examples of that can include gym memberships, transport expenses, and subscriptions. For budgeting purposes, it can make sense to set up a joint bank account where only the household bills get debited from it.

You should set ground rules about housework

It’s not fair or being respectful of your significant other if you expect them to tidy up after you all the time. Similarly, they shouldn’t expect you to clean up after them as well! With that in mind, it makes sense to set some ground rules for housework. For example, tidy up after yourselves, set cleaning rotas, and so forth.

The above might seem like some basic things to consider when moving in together, but it might surprise you how many people forget the basics. Good luck!

Danny White