Tips and Tricks to Score Excellent Marks in Maths Board Exam 

Tips and Tricks to Score Excellent Marks in Maths Board Exam 

Mathematics is one of the subjects, which students can easily score more marks in the board examinations. To score excellent marks, it requires an intelligent methodology. Through regular practice and conceptual knowledge, and with the help of some computational tricks, you can easily score marks. But, you must be clear with the ideas. Practising more number of problems assists with expanding the exactness of writing the appropriate solution to the problem. Here is a portion of the essential tips and tricks to endeavour the maths board assessment paper. 

Understand the Syllabus Completely

Follow the syllabus and weightage allocated for every section. Follow the syllabus books. If you notice that high scoring students consistently adhere to the textbook, and they use Maths tricks to solve the problem. Most of the problems are asked from the exercise problem, which is given at the end of each chapter. Prepare more with those questions. 

Memorize Mathematical Formulas and Theorems 

We know that mathematics is full of formulas and theorems. Each concept in maths is strongly related to the other idea. Learning theorems in different chapters help to understand the evolution of the concept. Formulas from various concepts like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus help to solve the problems quickly.

Utilize the Time Effectively 

Before writing the appropriate answers, the foremost thing you need to do is read and split down the question paper, whether what questions are asked and how much mark is allotted for the problem. Based on the marks allotted, the answer should be given precisely and accurately. Utilize the time effectively to read the question paper and start working on the problems.

Organize the Questions to Attempt 

Once you have gone through the problems in the allocated time, categorize the questions such as simple, moderate and tough. Never bother about the tough questions. Please don’t spend time in solving the toughest questions in the beginning. It automatically influences the performance of writing the answers. So, always start with the problem which you know completely. Once you complete the easy problems, then move on to the medium and finally go to the toughest question to solve. 

Accuracy and Time Management 

Time management is one of the critical factors in the board examination. In most cases, students tend to answer all the questions, but they can miss some problems due to the lack of time. To avoid this, many tricks like multiplication tricks, divisibility rules, etc., play a major role. Do not skip any step in the problems, as each step might carry a mark.

Answer Presentation

The presentation of the solution should be neat and clean. Highlight the formulas and solutions to score good marks. Use punctuations, proper space, margins, etc.. Once you presented all the solutions in the answer sheet, start revising the answer sheet. Because you might have made some mistakes in a hurry. Correct the errors and provide the relevant answers. 

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