Tips for a Houseparty in Quarantine 

Tips for a Houseparty in Quarantine 

The pandemic has been tough on all of us. Things have taken a complete U-turn and daily lifestyle activities have changed considerably. Celebrating occasions grandly seems like a traditional thing that we used to do. Now when things are opening up, we have started to bring normal situations into our lifestyle. Let us look at some tips that you can take in if you are planning for a house party in quarantine. 


A year back like you just invited friends and family over for a house party on an impromptu basis cannot be done now. You need to set a schedule for your party. Things are not how they used to be. Give an advance invitation to your friends and family so that they can plan well in advance on how they’ll manage their time and other essentials before showing up at your party. Invitation holds the key to perfect family celebration planning in the current pandemic situation.

Show Transparency 

Be very clear about everything from the invitation onwards. Remember it is a quarantine party and no one wants any uncanny surprises after arriving at the party. Let your guests know who else will be there at the party, the rules that you have set up for the party, and whatnot. It is better to be clear and transparent from the starting weather than to clear up things in the middle of the party.


We all are starving for entertainment and we want our due share of it. Because the people arriving will be less in number, you can arrange for a theme party. Everyone has to follow the theme and come in accordingly. Get some good board games, pub quizzes, etc. Take out that Karaoke machine that you have, bring out every possible entertainment source. Get a delectable cake as well. Order cake online in Bangalore through various online bakers available. Have good fun and regroup with your friends and family. It will give you a mental respite that you cannot even comprehend.

General Tips 

Let your guests take all the safety measures they want. If they want to keep their masks on, then let them. The comfort and safety of your guests are of prime importance. Some guests would want to wash their hands every 5 minutes. Do not get bothered by it. They want to keep themselves sanitized and there is nothing bad in it. On the topic of sanitization, you need to keep a handful of sanitizer bottles. It is one of the essential items of the party without which the celebration cannot happen in this current time. Along with delicious food and beverage items on the menu, you can also have some items that have healthy qualities and some beverages that can act as immunity boosters. This can be a good addition to a quarantine party. Since you are only going to invite your close friends and family, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to try out some unique stuff. Add some personal touches to your party, be it in food, decoration, or whatever you feel comfortable in. 

James Miller