Ways In Which A UAE Residence Visa Can Help

Ways In Which A UAE Residence Visa Can Help

If you have recently got a job offer in Dubai, you must be quite happy. Given the rapidly developing infrastructure of the city and its luxurious architecture, seldom can say it is not their dream to settle there. 

More so, if you are planning on working there for a long time, applying for a residence Visa might be your best bet. A residence Visa comes with a number of benefits you can enjoy, almost like the citizens here. For those who do not know, some of the more notable advantages of having a residence Visa here in UAE include:

  1. Being able to get a driver’s license
  2. Having total access to all kinds of government health services and insurance
  3. Allowance for your children to attend both private and government schools
  4. Getting visa-free access to a number of other countries
  5. Being allowed to open a bank account
  6. Being allowed to take bank loans (car or personal loan)

However, acquiring a residence visa in Dubai is not an easy task. There are quite a few intricacies involved in this process, each of which has to be understood adequately in order to get approved. Further in this article, you will find some of the main points that you should keep in mind to be eligible for a UAE residence Visa. 

What Kind Of Documents Do You Need To Apply For The Visa?

For applying, you will need a few supporting documents. Make sure you submit all of these documents, as requested, to the responsible authority in the first go. Any recheck or review will only cost you money and time, which are not very spendable in this case. Here is a list of the main documents that you should carry with you at the time of applying:

  • Passport size photos, as per the UAE visa photo guidelines
  • Your original passport and an attested copy of it
  • Your entry visa
  • The UAE Visa Application Form (you can get this both online or from a relevant typing centre)
  • Proof of legal residency for your sponsor
  • An attested copy of your medical test results
  • Proof of your acquired UAE health insurance plan
  • Any additional documents you might need for the purpose of your travel
  • Proof of family lineage, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates (for family visas)
  • Proof of your work contract and company’s legal trade license and firm card (for work visas)

When To Get Your Visa Renewed?

Dubai residence visa renewal is a vital aspect you should not forget. Once you have acquired your Visa, it is very important that you get it renewed at least a month before the expiry date. The renewal procedure is the same as when you first obtained the Visa, and your sponsor can do it for you. All they have to do is apply to the GDRFA in the Emirate of question. However, if they are busy, you can seek professional help from companies like Emirabiz. 


Donald Phillips