Which Stone to Choose for an Engagement Ring?

Which Stone to Choose for an Engagement Ring?

From wedding rings with diamonds to pearls and from rubies to crystal, you can decorate your wedding ring with many stones in different shapes, sizes and colours. Yes, there is even more to it when you choose wedding rings. Wedding rings with coloured stones are entirely contemporary. This can be a sizeable coloured stone, but it is also helpful to combine it with smaller, white stones. Get some inspiration in our wedding rings inspiration gallery with pictures of wedding rings with diamonds and stones.

Diamond wedding ring

Diamond is the hardest material that occurs in nature. The four C’s (Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color) determine the price of this precious stone. What should you pay attention to when looking for a diamond while wedding rings?

Cut: The quality of a cut diamond is determined by proportion and symmetry. The better the dimensions, the more the diamond is worth.

Carat: the weight of the diamond is expressed in carats. One carat represents 0.2 grams of gemstone and is always displayed in two decimal places (e.g. 0.24 carat).

Clarity: The fewer impurities, the more valuable. A diamond can accumulate contaminants during the growth process (e.g. in the structure), but also during grinding.

Colour: The colour determines the value of the stone. The more colourless the diamond is, the more valuable it is. Ten per cent of all diamonds have a different colour than white or yellow. Blue and pink diamonds, in particular, are costly.

So one carat of gold means a lot different than one carat of diamond. With diamond, you say something about the weight, with gold you talk about the content of pure gold in the jewellery. We love diamonds. Visiting Alexander Sparks will do much help to you for selecting the best ones.

Wedding ring with zirconia

Do you have no money for real diamonds, but you want to incorporate the look of it into your wedding ring? Then zirconia stones are a perfect alternative. This human-made mineral may shine a little less than real diamonds, but you will see more colours reflected in the brilliance. It is tough for the human eye to see the difference between the two stones and zirconia is, therefore, the closest alternative in appearance to a real diamond. It is therefore also the most expensive of the other options listed here, but certainly, a lot cheaper compared to diamonds.

Wedding ring with crystal

Crystal distinguishes itself in two different types. So you have the minerals rock crystal and crystal glass. Swarovski crystal is an example of the latter kind. Glass with a high content (more than thirty per cent) of lead is mixed. Due to a high so-called refractive index (the way in which the light is reflected), the stones shine at you.

The refractive index is fixed per material. For example, diamond has a refractive index of 2.4 and zirconia has a refractive index of 2.2. This means that diamonds reflect a little more light, but the difference is minimal.

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Pearls in your wedding ring

Pearls come in different colours. For example, you have them in white, pink and black. They are made by molluscs (often oysters). The thickness of the layers of the mother of pearl determines the shine of the pearl: the thinner, the more shine. Because pearls are rare, they have a higher price. A good alternative is cultivated pearls that are grown. Nowadays, there are also eco pearls on the market that are made ecologically, using techniques that have a less harmful impact on nature. Another option is glass beads. With a glass bead, the core is made of Glass, and several layers of mother-of-pearl envelop that core. Of course, you can also use pearls as a bridal accessory. So inform well about this when you select wedding rings.

Wedding ring with precious stones

Not afraid to confess colour? Then choose one of these famous gemstones in your wedding ring:

  • Ruby: the scarlet gemstone.
  • Sapphire: known for its dark blue colour.
  • Topaz comes in many colours due to contamination, for example, brown.
  • Aquamarine: it can be pale green or pale blue.
  • Emerald: known for its green colour.

Each stone is rare and unique. Gemstones also have a specific meaning. For example, ruby ​​has a heart-strengthening effect and gives sapphire strength, honour and immortality. Also, gems are linked to the different zodiac signs, so it can be a great idea to have the gem of the constellation of your lover processed in your wedding ring.

Engrave wedding rings

To give your wedding ring a little more character, you can have the ring engraved. Nowadays it is also possible to have wedding rings made with a fingerprint or to have the heartbeat of your partner put in the ring. You can even think of each other’s names and the date of your wedding day, the most common engraving when it comes to wedding rings. You can go for tight block letters or classy, graceful letters. How many letters can be engraved in the ring depends on the width of your wedding ring.

The costs per letter can vary from 0.25 cents to 3 dollars per letter. Sometimes engraving is also free at the store where you buy the ring. So let yourself be well informed. Questions such as “which engraving are the deepest and therefore lasts the longest?” you have to make sure.

Ring shape

What shape wedding ring do you choose? There are various options, such as flat and round wedding rings, but rings in unusual shapes are also featured. Besides, there are several options for placing one or more diamonds in your wedding ring, so you can also make a choice here.

Flat and round wedding rings

The flat wedding ring is sleek. This is the most classic shape of the wedding ring, as it used to be. You can also opt for a rounded shape, which generally increases wearing comfort. Both shapes can consist of one metal, but also a combination of several, giving you bicolour and tricolour wedding rings. You can also have a stone incorporated or engrave a text or name.