Al Washington Ohio State Linebacker Coach Bio

Al Washington Ohio State Linebacker Coach Bio

Al Washington, a great football coach took birth on this planet on April 22, 1984. He is known for his sheer command and knowledge about football and has also been a great footballer of his time. With his dedication and love for the game, he has been able to gain a name for himself on the football ground. He is the current Linebacker coach of the Ohio State Buckeye football team. Even before he had joined the Ohio State Buckeye football team, he had been coaching the Michigan Wolverines as the Linebacker coach. Those with the slightest knowledge of football are able to understand the importance of a linebacker. This shows the command that Washington has over the game.

Boston College football team

Al Washington originally belongs to Columbus, Ohio, and has been brought up with the love of football. From the very early days of his life, he had been playing football. Soon, his talent as a footballer was recognized which made him play for his college team- the Boston College football team. Later on, his luck and talent helped him to become the linebacker coach of his colleagues as well. It was here that he met with Ryan Day, the head coach of Ohio State Buckeye football team. It seemed that he was a Happy go lucky person and was able to build a strong relationship with Ryan.

The second season

However, it seemed that God had other plans for Al Washington as he is currently completing his second season with the Ohio State Buckeye football team. The moment she was given the opportunity in 2019, he jumped and accepted the offer. It was like a dream come true for him. He knew it is an instant that the positions that were being offered to him were probably the best for him and his career as a coach.  He has been able to successfully complete 13 years as a linebacker coach.

Ohio State Buckeye football team

Al Washington had successfully helped the Buckeye’s defense to make the nation proud with his statistical categories in the 2019 season. He had used four statistical categories that had helped the team to make a record of 13-1. These categories included both the defense and the passing. He was able to guide his team in such a way that they could make a name for themselves in the Big Ten Conference championship, three years in a row.   He was able to train some of the most famous linebackers Malik Harrison, Baron Browning, Pete Werner, and Tuf Borl.

Michigan Wolverines

Al Washington had been an active and successful coach for the Michigan Wolverines as well. His training had helped them to conquer the third position as the most defensive team and especially gaining a name for being defensive while the passing. His sheer talent had helped his boys to gain praises and the All-Big Ten honors. However, Davin Bush outshined all his teammates with the blessing of his coach and the god-gifted talent and went on for the Butkus Award, Big Ten’s Woodson-Nagurski Defensive Player of the Year, and besides that Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year.