6 Excellent Tips to Get Perfect Eyelash Extensions and Maintain Them

6 Excellent Tips to Get Perfect Eyelash Extensions and Maintain Them

When you realise that to look truly beautiful, you should focus on your eyes first, you understand that by beautifying your eyelashes, your eyes can look the most beautiful.

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But beautifying eyelashes is a process. The first step in this process is that you try to find perfect mascara.

Then you come to know about false lashes and start applying them every morning.

Then the day arrives, when you move to eyelash extensions finally. Once you get them, you get addicted to them and there are reasons for that.

Eyelash extensions are the most perfect tools that make you look outstanding. Although they need significant amount of upkeep, once you wear them you feel that they are worth it.

So, how would you find the best eyelash extensions for you? Let’s see.

1. Remember that Not All Eyelash Technicians are the Same

Don’t make the mistake to assume that the lash technician you are meeting is a very qualified and experienced person. She may be, but you’ll have to make sure she is.

For this, you’ll have to ask questions. After all, she’ll be working close to your most delicate organ, i.e. eyes. Don’t forget to check the pictures of her previous work.

If the extensions she’s worked with are looking natural, defined and straight, without sticking together or glue looking out, you can rest assured that she has done her job perfectly.

2. Compare Prices

When it comes to lash extensions, the adage “you get what you pay for” is very true, as price reflects quality.

However, you should be cautious as some lash technicians may overcharge, while some may undercharge. By checking their previous work, you can find if they offer quality work.

For example, eyelash extensions Sydney price at Fancy Lash is just right for the high quality of extensions and application they offer.

3. Groom Your Lash Extensions Every Day

After every appointment, you should get a clean spoolie brush from your lash artist to keep your extensions well aligned.

Keep brushing them lightly all through the day to prevent a mess.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

4. Remember that Lash Extensions can be Customised

Understand that eyelash extensions Woollahra from Fancy Lash, for example, are available in a range of lengths, thicknesses and curls so that you can get extensions that perfectly blend with your real lashes.

Thus, you don’t need to have super-thick, melodramatic lashes. You can just choose extensions that will look as if you’ve applied a few more coats of mascara.

5. Treat Your Lash Extensions Gently

You may get tempted to pull or pick your lash extensions, but never do that! Your natural eyelashes, just like the hair on your head, undergo a shedding cycle.

If you tug on your extensions, your natural lashes can shed prematurely. Remember that they are not infinite. Thus, if you pull out your lashes too often, they may finally stop coming back.

6. Change Your Pillowcase

If you were using cotton pillowcases so far, change to silk pillowcases. Not only will they prevent wrinkles, but also will they protect your lash extensions.

When you’ll turn and toss during sleep, your face and lash extensions will rub against the pillowcase.

While cotton causes friction, silk will let them glide smoothly and will increase the life of your lash extensions.

So, are you ready to enjoy eyelash extensions?

Donald Phillips