Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership in Times of Crisis

If you have a manufacturing unit, the real test does not come when everything is running smoothly, but in times of crisis. The way leaders behave and guide their organizations in times of crisis mark their credentials as good or bad.

That said, we must indicate that there is no particular guide about how you should run a manufacturing enterprise during a disaster. Besides, most disasters are unpredictable, and they strike when you are least prepared, leaving you with no time to craft a plan. So, how do you lead in a crisis to emerge better and stronger?

Be Honest and Confident

This is one of the biggest attributes that any plant leader requires during a crisis. During crisis, every person, from your employees to their families and the public look to you for information. They want answers, which you might not have immediately. In such a situation, it is important to ensure you give the right information. However, you also need to balance well, especially when stating the magnitude of the disaster.

Be Decisive

When leading an organization in an industry such as mining as captured here, there are situations when you are required to make fast and hard decisions. Although people require you to make decisions based on weighed pros and cons, it may be different when handling a crisis. Think of a situation where an explosion has happened or people are trapped in a facility such as mining. The primary goal, in such a situation, should be getting as many people to safety as possible, even if the idea might not be popular.

Avoid Blaming Others

When disasters happen, it is common to see the leaders being quick to blame others for the problem. But this is the wrong thing to do. Well, even if it was an employee who failed to observe one of the safety procedures in a manufacturing unit, you might want to ask a few questions. Was the training you conducted a few months ago effective? Was the employee fatigued or stressed? This is the time to take the responsibility as a leader and avoid blaming your juniors.

Be Positive and Focus on Recovery

Well, you are in a crisis already, but your mind as a leader should focus on how to get the system back into operation. To do this, you need to get put together a team to foresee the organization through the crisis as quickly as possible. This should be the team that will work with the government investigators, insurance companies, and lawyers if there are lawsuits that might come by.

Remember that when it comes to leadership during a crisis, the goal should be getting to the primary cause of the problem, giving hope, and guiding the organization to recovery. So, make sure to be empathetic, help those who are affected, and provide the right information to the investigative agencies to get the problem resolved as fast as possible.

Danny White