Drishyam – Story Line

Drishyam – Story Line

Drishyam is a Hindi-language thriller movie, produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak, Ajit Andhare and Abhishek Pathak. It is directed by Nishikant Kamat and is a remake of a 2013-Tamil film of the same name. 

Starring Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and Tabu in the lead roles, the movie features Ishita Dutt and Mrunal Jadhav in the supporting roles.

You might be already aware of the popularity and critical acclaim that Drishyam gathered when it released. Drishyam was one of the best thriller films of the time, and it grossed around ₹ 938 million in India. It also managed to achieve a total worldwide collection of ₹ 1,110.5 million.


The movie starts with a new officer assuming charge at the newly-built Pondolem Police Station in Goa. The officer asks the constable if Vijay Salgaonkar is sitting at the far end of the table. The constable nods and affirms. The movie goes into flashback while Vijay closes his eyes to recollect the order of events.

Vijay is an orphan who left high school when he was 4 years old. Currently, he is running a cable company in Goa where sometimes he has to spend the night working. He is married to Nandini (Shriya Saran), and they have two daughters, Anju and Anu. Anju is adopted and is currently a 12th standard student. Anu is a class six student.

Vijay loves to watch different movies and grasps a few learnings that might come in handy when he is in trouble. He also believes in helping people with the knowledge that he has acquired.

Anju attends a nature camp where a hidden cell phone camera records her while showering in the bathroom. Sameer ‘Sam’ Deshmukh (Rishab Chadha), the perpetrator of the incident, is the son of IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu).

Sam comes to Salgaonkar’s house to blackmail Anju for sexual favours. Since Anju had already informed Nandini, she shows up for helping her daughter. Nandini pleads with Sam to leave her daughter and family alone. However, Sam argues that he would leave them only if Nandini agrees to sleep with him. Anju takes a swing with a lead pipe at Sam’s phone to break it, but it hits Sam’s head instead, and he dies.

After this, Sam goes missing, and everyone is searching for him. The IG of the state is worried since it is a blow to her reputation and a personal loss. She does everything in her power to find Sam, but fails. The next day, when Vijay comes home, Nandini tells him everything and he devises a plan to get through the police investigation.

He coaches everyone and asks them to rehearse the story. He arranges bills and receipts for a trip to Panaji, for the day when Sam died. Police cross verify his story and find it to be true.

Finally, the IG allows Sub-Inspector Gaitonde to use brute force on the family to bring out the truth. Even then he fails at the job. 

Vijay then arranges a press conference and reveals that sub-inspector Gaitonde forcefully tried to make him confess. Gaitonde gets suspended, the IG resigns from her post, but still, she could not find her son.

In the end, Vijay cryptically agrees that he buried Sam’s body and he could go to any length to protect his family. The movie returns to the present day as Vijay signs the register, confidently smiles and comes out of the police station.

We know it is one of the best storylines for a Bollywood thriller movie, and we have it all written for you. If the story is so engaging to read, imagine the kind of experience it would be to watch the movie. In case you see yourself reaching out for the remote, stream Drishyam Drishyam online on Hotstar for complete entertainment.