Technology Changing the Online Gaming Space

Over the past few years online gaming has went through huge change to accommodate the growing audience across many different platforms – no longer is the primary market aimed at young teen males with the growth of the likes of mobile gaming as an older audience has found their own footing in the online gaming space. Different technology has helped to lead big change in the online gaming space however, but what have been the most impactful changes and what changes to come could lead to further adjustment in the online space?

VoIP and other social changes – Online gaming has become increasingly social thanks to bigger changes in the tech that delivers online conversation – VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been one of the most impactful changes in this space. There have been a number of platforms in the past that helped deliver this primarily to PC gamers with the likes of Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak, but in order to have your own server there was often a need to pay a third-party service to do so. Newer options like Discord have allowed players to create entire online communities with free servers and have brought the social aspect of online gaming to a huge number of new players. 

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Greater access to niche services – For a long time many different services have either only been available in an offline setting or to a niche number of users who were able to find certain ways to access the platform – a great example has been seen with online casinos, growing services shown with this casimba review for example show accessible online casinos have become largely with the changes to things like HTML5 and how different games can be delivered online and has been a large part of the reason for success. No longer is flash player needed, or some weird platform that doesn’t respond properly, and has helped bring online gaming to a growing number of newcomers too. 

Extended reality will be the next frontier – The next big step in gaming for quite a while now has come from extended reality options, as augmented and virtual reality may start to lead the way for many. Augmented reality has already seen huge success in mobile gaming back in 2016, and whilst virtual reality is still quite new and expensive with fewer bigger options on offer it is still very much growing. It might take some time before the quality and experience is able to catch up to what many gamers have now come to expect, but with a huge amount of investment and interest in the platform it will certainly grow quickly, and may not be long before having a VR headset is an essential part of the gaming set-up.