How To Prepare Low Carb Beef Jerky?

How To Prepare Low Carb Beef Jerky?

Want to prepare a delicious dish but at the same time to be with low carbs, no sugar and nutritious? Beef jerky is a great answer and it is easy to prepare. The only downside could be the fact that its preparation takes a lot of time, but in the meanwhile, you can do some additional research about the benefits so you can enjoy it more or maybe find a low carb grass fed beef jerky giveaway.

Preparing the Meat

There are two possibilities when it comes to cutting the beef. We can choose to cut with the grain of the meet, which will make pieces chewier. Another way is cutting against the grain making the bites crumbling. We can try both ways to see what’s the most suitable to our taste.

For cutting the meat, we should use a special knife if you have one, the sharper the better, and cut it into thin pieces of about a quarter of an inch thickness. When it’s all neatly cut, we should remove fat tissue and silverskin from the meat. Slices should be approximately the same size, and all put in a large ziplock bag.

Making the Marinade

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a marinade. If you prefer a traditional type of beef jerky, we recommend soy sauce, with onion and garlic powder and grilled paprika. For a more intensive feel, Thai garlic chili sauce will spice it to the fullest. To mix the marinade with meat, we should pour it all in the bag and lock the zipper. Then, gently press the bag to enable the mixture to penetrate through meat fibers. After that is done, the bag should stay in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Click here to read more.

When three hours pass, we should pull out all the slices from the bag and put in on paper towels to let it dry a little bit. Now is the time for seasoning with salt and toppings by your taste. Pepper is recommended, and it would go well with the spicy marinade.

Smoking or Backing

Next thing is the preparation of smoker or grill by napoleon grills reviews. When that is ready, beef slices should be arranged in a single layer. Smoker lid should be closed so the jerky could get nicely dry but not to stiff also. They should stay in the smoker for about four to five hours, and afterward, rest on room temperature for two hours. They can be stored in the refrigerator or vacuum bags in a cold and dark area.

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Another option is to make jerky in an oven. The temperature should be approximately 180°F.  The meet should be arranged on backing sheets an cover with aluminum foil. It should be backed until it becomes dry and crunchy, which may vary depending on the meat thickness. When it’s done, it should be sealed in a container and refrigerated for no more than a month.

Jerky Facts

Jerky is totally healthy when combined with the right food in a diet. It is full of nutrients and is a delicious source of proteins. It should be combined with vegetables and preferably not mixed with dairy products. It is not cheap to buy it, because for a pound of jerky we need more than double row meat to prepare it. Beef contains about 60 %  water of all its mass. When we dry it, most of the water is gone by evaporating.

If you are wondering is it cheaper to make jerky by ourselves, the correct and logical answer is yes, but not by a lot. Never the less,  the advantage is that we can choose to make the taste we want  and get the meet from a trustworthy supplier.