Sports to do With Your Dog

Sports to do With Your Dog

We all do our best to keep fit and lead an active, healthy lifestyle… but there’s no denying that the realities of 21st century living can really stack the deck against us. When we spend most of our day sitting at our desk and arrive home after a hard day’s work exhausted it can be really difficult to muster the energy or hit the gym. But when you should feel your resolve start to falter, just take a look at your bright eyed, bushy tailed bestie sitting patiently, tail wagging, waiting for you to take them out for your daily exercises. 

Since nobody wants to raise a corpulent canine, responsible pet owners know that regular exercise is as essential to them as it is for you. Just as it’s important to eat right after your activities- the best wet dog food for them, a nutritionally balanced meal for you. There are many sports you can enjoy with your dog that will help to keep you both fit, active, healthy and happy…


One of the most popular sports for dogs, it’s a great way to test your dog’s brain and body… while also proving a fun challenge for you. Here, your dog must complete an obstacle course as quickly as possible while following your instructions. This makes it a great sport for bonding and obedience training. Traditionally weave poles, pyramids and see-saws are used although you can implement your own equivalents in the backyard, park or wherever you like. 

Great for burning calories and testing your dog’s agility, dexterity and listening. 


Does your dog love nothing more than chasing after a ball? If so, flyball may be the sport for them.

Flyball consists of a straight obstacle course which needs to be completed without instructions. At the end of the course, your dog needs to fetch a ball and bring it back through the course in the opposite direction as quickly as they can. This is a great way for high energy dogs to get the exercise they need while also improving their concentration and problem solving. 

This is often played with teams of four dogs, but there’s no reason why you and your canine companion can’t play together on a 1-on-1 basis.

Disc Dog

Disc Dog has been a popular sport for dogs since the ‘70s and is great for dogs who love catching frisbees, and owners who want to improve their throwing skills. 

The sport is split into two games. The “toss and fetch” and the“freestyle”. In the former, the owner has to throw as many discs as possible as far as possible in one minute, and points are gained the more your dog is able to catch. 

In the freestyle section, dog and owner work together to create a choreographed pattern of throwing and catching. Even if you have no interest in competing, it’s a fun way to take frisbee throwing to the next level. 

Cani-Cross / Cani-Walk

Finally, a great way for you and your pet to burn calories together, the owner runs with their dog in tow. For slower or smaller dogs, this can be done at a brisk walking pace. The focus is on speed and endurance as the dog keeps pace with his or her owner. For your pet’s safety cani-cross/ cani-walk requires the use of a special harness. 

Danny White