Pet transport: why choose a professional pet transport service from SHIPLY?

Pet transport: why choose a professional pet transport service from SHIPLY?

Transporting pets in vehicles to take them to the vet, grooming and bathing, pet shop, for a distance transfer and other animal welfare services can be challenging. Shiply exists to help you get around the city with your pet. It connects you to various pet transport service providers. Click here and select the best pet transport service provider at affordable prices. You can ask for a friendly quote online. If you need to transport your pet, pay attention to the criteria that must be taken into account when hiring a transport service.

Why not a general transport service?

It is important that all animal guardians are aware that the Traffic Code regulates the transport of animals in vehicles. Failure to comply with the established rules implies a slight to very serious infringement. Give preference to a service specializing in the transport of pets, where drivers are pet friendly and trained to carry out the activity. Asking the common passenger transport driver to take your pet with you can be a drag. Since they do not have safety and sanitation kits for the movement of pets and may not deal well with hair and secretions that fall on the seats of vehicles during the transportation and end up fighting with you.

Is the company experienced enough?

Make sure the company has strict vehicle hygiene processes. It is important that the vehicles are vacuumed to remove hair and receive a disinfectant solution in the protective cover of the seats. It ensures that there will be no contamination between animals and greater safety for humans as well. Check if the company has safety kits to accommodate the animals properly.

Vehicles must have chest seat belt, muzzles and guides. For cats, the use of a shipping box is recommended. No animal can walk freely inside vehicles, which can get hurt or cause accidents. Keep an eye out for user ratings of the service in the transport app. The opinion of those who use the service is very valuable and will serve as a reference for you.

Why choose Shiply?

Shiply has the largest fleet of pet friendly drivers on the market. Everyone undergoes training when they join Shiply. Vehicles are fully equipped to receive pets with a safety kit, cleaning kit and protective seat cover. The hygiene standards are strict at the end of each trip. The hairs are vacuumed. The coats and safety items are cleaned with a bactericidal, fungicidal and veridical disinfectant solution for veterinary use.

Transporting unaccompanied pets safely and comfortably

Shiply application also has the option of payment by credit card which, besides being practical, is extremely secure. The price is fixed and stipulated at the exact time of ordering, and does not change. It makes Shiply pet transport unique.

With Shiply you can schedule your time or request them immediately. Pets can travel with you or unaccompanied. Just have one person to deliver it to the driver and another to receive it at the destination. You can follow the transport and have access to the driver’s name, model and license plate.