What Security Solutions are there for Your Product Packaging?

What Security Solutions are there for Your Product Packaging?

With the rise of eCommerce, the rise of more returned packages is happening too. Lots of people who trade online see their products shipped back because they were opened in the mail, or got damaged on the way.

To prevent this from happening, there are many ways. From placing special signs to them to adding extra layers of protection inside and make sure that the product won’t get damaged on the way. See more about protection of packages here.

People handling boxes and transporting from the post office to the plane, and they to the door of the end customers don’t care about how they deliver the goods. This is why the retailer must be sure that they are sending a good product that will be well preserved and will be delivered in one piece.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that might be helpful for everyone that is trying to deliver as much better service as possible to their customers. Read on if you want to know what the things that you can use and make sure your customers get the right product on their doorstep are.

Use tamper evident stickers

One of the greatest problems with delivering products is someone opening the package before you deliver them. Imagine the damage when you as a retailer and the client realize that someone opened the package during the time it was officially traveling.

You lost an expensive item, and the client didn’t get what they ordered, so you both lose money and only one of you is going to get out of it safe and sound.

To prevent things like these from happening, there’s an elegant solution that you can use. It is called anti tamper stickers and these work perfectly for everyone in the delivery business.

What they do is provide safety for the packages because it makes thieves leave a trace. Whenever someone realizes the package was opened, they will alarm for this, which makes it easy to find out whose fault it was.

The tamper is placed on top of the package and whenever someone tries to remove it, it leaves a trace on the box that can’t be taken away. It’s easy for everyone to notice that the package was opened, which discourages thieves from stilling something unnoticed.

Cushion or air bubble wrap to protect the inside

Another thing that causes problems is the damaging of the goods transported. Imagine getting an item from New York to Europe. It has to go through several airports and an equal number of warehouses. People handling these boxes are not the most careful people in the world. We’re not saying that they are going to deliberately destroy something, but they don’t pay attention to this.

It’s the retailer’s job to protect their product and make sure it is delivered safely to its final destination. Depending on the fragility of the item, you may need more or less investment in this. If you’re transporting a $500 smartphone, it’s clear that you must do everything in your power to see it arrive intact.

Investing in cushions or bubble wraps is a smart thing to do. They successfully protect all kinds of items. If the item is made of wood without special parts that might be broken, then you don’t need anything, but if it’s something easily breakable, then do as better as possible.

Thicker carton case

Another great idea when packaging is in question is investing in a thicker than usual carton case. Carton is the most affordable packaging material and it’s normal for everyone to use it. However, if you opt for a thicker carton, the item inside will be harder to be breached, won’t suffer too many hits while transportation and won’t be easily bent while traveling.

Yes, this is a less affordable option than the standard carton. However, if you’re sending an expensive product abroad, then it is smart to invest in your packaging a little more than usual. Just a pica can make a difference and provide better safety. The thicker you get it, the more chance you have to see it protected.

If you need to transport something really expensive, then it’s wiser to invest a part of the profit into a safer case. This may not be a huge difference but it will save you from a lot of trouble later in the business. Get a thicker carton case and save yourself from headaches. Learn more about carton cases here: https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/how-a-cardboard-box-is-made/.

Place a warning sign for mailmen to be more careful

You have probably seen those packages on which there’s a sign that says fragile. It is a universal sign that makes people handling packages know that there’s something easily breakable inside. It doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but it means that misuse might cause it to break easily.

This is excellent for everyone who wants to be sure that their product is safe. You can have a much better treatment by the people delivering the goods when they see this sign. If it breaks, it may be their fault, so they usually pay more attention when handling such products.

Yes, there are rules in the transport industry and you might need to pay extra to have this sign stamped on top of the package but think about it – if you can save an expensive item inside, then this is worth the spending. It’s always better to invest and get the profit than lose everything because you didn’t want to invest.


These are some valuable information that will help you solve the problems with delivering products from your shop to the doorstep of your clients. Placing an evident tamper-tape, getting a stronger carton case, and protecting the product inside, are some of the most valuable things.

If you manage to do this, your clients will always be happy and satisfied with how the product arrived. Make sure it is a quality one too, and you’ll be getting them five stars easily.

Donald Phillips