School Holiday Shop Options Available

School Holiday Shop Options Available

When it comes to setting up a school holiday shop, there are a number of options that can be tried out. These options will offer you the school holiday shop that you crave for. We have come up with three school holiday shop options that you can go for.

Standard School Holiday Shop:

If you try out our standard school holiday shop, you will be saved a lot of stress. You can get numerous items that range from twenty-five cents to ten dollars. These items are usually about a hundred in number.

This is an awesome option, especially when the parents of the kids that attend the school fall under middle class or low-income class. Remember that it is the parents that give the kids money they use to shop. How much they give them may depend on how much they can spare. Before you go and stack your school holiday shop with expensive items, you have to be wary.

This is where the standard option comes into play. The average price of the items here is usually less than five dollars.

Remember that you don’t have to go for those things that you think may not do well. Go for only things that you think will sell. We have a myriad of items that you can sell. You can easily pick from them, which ones you think will sell well, and stock your shop with them. Remember that you are buying things that kids will see and like for themselves, classmates, friends, teachers, parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even their pets.

What are those things that you think will sell? Go for them.

$5.00 Economy Shop:

If you think that the PTA may want something that will be less expensive than the standard shop, you can consider going for this option. Remember we said that you should consider where the kids come from before you decide what to sell. If you cater to those from a rich background, you can consider selling gifts that are more expensive, but not too expensive. The fact that their backgrounds are wealthy doesn’t mean you should stock up your shops with items that are worth hundreds of dollars or above fifty dollars.

Ask the PTA what price range that fancy. Since the PTA has parents in it, you can easily hear what they have to say. How much will they want to give their kids to go and buy gifts for their loved ones with? Hear what they have to say. If they say that they can’t afford to allow their kids to buy a gift that is above five dollars, then you need cheaper tips. Listen to their price range, and you can look for gifts in our catalog that fall within that price range.

If they say that they can’t afford their kids buying a gift that is above ten dollars, and you go ahead to stock your school holiday shop with gifts that are above ten dollars, you are on your own.

The kids may be your clients, but the parents are the ones that provide the funds.

Listen to the parents and attract the kids. The perfect way of making money.

This option is perfect for those schools that want a more moderate priced gift items.

It is important not to think that these items are poorly made or packaged. Far from it. They are of high quality and well packaged

Don’t Have Enough Space? Try out the “Show n’ Sell Shop”:

If you don’t have a lot of volunteers to help or enough space in your school to host a big Christmas school shop, you can consider trying this out.

This option will leave you satisfied, as you don’t need much space to get this done, neither do you need a lot of volunteers. How does this work? It is simple.

It is easy to do this, as there are a lot of schools embracing this. You may wonder how this works.

You tell us you want this option. We will give you samples that can be shown off, as well as free budget envelopes.

When you have this shop, you can have the kids walk through the shop holding an order form. The kids that are with their money can pay immediately. The kids that do not have theirs can take their lists home and spend the next day.

After you have collated the order, you can send it to us, and we will deliver the order immediately.

Clare Louise