Planning And Organizing The Intriguing School Christmas Store Ideas And Tips

Planning And Organizing The Intriguing School Christmas Store Ideas And Tips

When you have decided to start a school holiday store, you need some school Christmas store ideas that you can put in place to ensure that your dream come true.

Planning and Organization

Don’t wait for Christmas to start knocking on the door before you start using the school Christmas store ideas that you have cooked up. We have seen some schools start late, only to realize that they couldn’t pull it off because they failed to plan on time. There is a great chance that you will succeed in hosting a successful event when you start planning ahead of time. Think about the gifts that you want to sell. Will you sell gifts for moms, friends, classmates, teachers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and dads?

You should ask yourself this. Take ideas from others. Ask the kids and those in the PTA if they have ideas. Don’t be the person that ignores the ideas of others because you want to take the glory alone. Toss your ego way and do what will ensure that you raise money that you crave for. It is a joint effort, ask for help, and listen to the thoughts of others.

One of those that you should listen to a lot are the kids. Remember that they are your target market, meaning that they are the ones that will buy from you, and not adults. What do they like?

What do they fancy getting for their loved ones? Find out. When you incorporate the ideas of others in the venture, you will be amazed at how much success it realize

Communication Is Extremely Important

It is important that you communicate with everyone involved in the running of the Christmas store. Don’t act like someone that is too tough to be approached. When you face an issue, let them know. Remember that it is a joint affair. If you have issues getting gifts for dads, let your team know. They can steer you in the right direction.

Look At The Following Questions Before You Start

Before you kick off anything, we have compiled a list of questions that you can ask.

What items should be bought?

Who will buy from us?

How much do you intend to spend on the project?

How much do you need to raise from it?

How long will be spent looking for gifts?

How will reimbursements be handled?

How do you intend to store the things before the event takes off?

Where do you intend to keep the leftovers after the event ends

Can you use the excess items for something else like prizes or in the school store?

How much will the gifts cost?

Do you want to turn this into a fundraiser event?

Are there gift trends? How do you find them?

Ask For Volunteers

The truth is that only one person can’t get the holiday school shop running. Volunteers have to be at hand. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this with a service provider or not; you definitely need volunteers.

You may need a lot of volunteers, depending on the size of what you intend to do. They may have to spend a lot of hours doing it. Let them know what they are getting themselves into. Always be appreciative of their efforts. Don’t for a second that it is their responsibility to help. They are volunteers that decided to take out time to help. Be grateful. If there is any way, you can make their work easier, do.

You may need some volunteers that will be sorting the gifts into the varying prices, taking the items, and placing them into their gift boxes.

You should consider putting some brainpower to heighten the shopping experience for the shoppers.


You need storage. When you buy the gift items, you need where you can store them. After you are done with the event, you need where to store the leftovers. Look around. Do you have space for such?

The gift items should be kept in a secure container to ensure that it is quite easy to move them around when necessary. You can still use the bins or containers to store the leftovers once the event has ended. Those leftovers can be used as gifts.  Be sure to reach out to School Holiday Shop to kickstart your fundraising adventures

Donald Phillips